LCICF Interacting with High Schoolers

On May 4, 2015, Dr. Min Gao and Dr. Lu Zou from Liquid Crystal Institute Characterization Facility (LCICF), with two other members of MSNO (Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio) gave a microscopy demonstration at the 69th CTSC (Cleveland Technical Society Council) Annual Scholarship and Awards Event in Downtown Cleveland.

An AFMWorkshop table-top atomic force microscope (TT-AFM) from LCICF was set up as the main demo item to show a very different approach to obtain microscopic information in addition to the well-known optical lens imaging. A variety of microscopy techniques were introduced to the awarded high school STEM students, their parents and science teachers, through computer presentations and printouts. The demonstration and introduction drew attentions not only to the precision instrumentation and techniques but also to LCI and microscopy labs. We also took the opportunity to give out LCICF brochures and discuss with a few high school science teachers at the event on what we could do to help STEM education in local high schools. It is worth mentioning that one of the high school students we met at the event attended the MSNO Summer School organized by LCICF later in July.

Lu Zou, a LCICF staff, was explaining how AFM works to a high school studentMin GaoAn event scene

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