Graduate Assistantships

F.A.Q. About Graduate Assistantships in the School of Art

Graduate Assistantships are available in each major program area and are awarded annually on a competitive basis. The service commitment of a graduate assistant appointment may involve teaching and/or technical support responsibilities, for an average 20 hours per week. Graduate assistants are required to enroll for a minimum of eight credit hours per semester, but may be required to enroll in more hours to meet program timelines.

How do I apply?

All applicants who are accepted into a School of Art graduate program are automatically considered for an assistantship if they completed their applications by the deadline. 

What kind of assistantships do you offer?

  • Assistantships are awarded in all concentrations on a highly competitive basis. 
  • The School of Art has 30 teaching assistantships. Assistantships are related to teaching and/or technical support.

What is included in an assistantship?

  • All assistantships include a stipend and full tuition waiver.
  • The university also provides a sizable contribution to offset the cost of a health care plan offered to all graduate assistants.

What would be expected of me?

  • Graduate assistants must be fulltime students and have a service commitment of 20 hours per week.
  • Graduate Assistants may not fall below a 3.0 GPA

What would I be doing?

  • Teaching Assistants work in their own area of study teaching classes, assisting professors, and other important tasks directly related to their area of study.
  • The School of Art gallery graduate assistants work in the galleries assisting the Director of the School of Art Galleries. These assistantships are awarded to highly qualified individuals from any area of graduate study within the School of Art.