Name Email Phone Specialty
Julie Aultman 330-325-6113 Ph.D., Michigan State University. More on Aultman
Jianxin Bao 330-325-6445 Ph.D., University of Florida.  Aging, Auditory Neuroscience, Gene Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Presbycusis, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Tinnitus. More on Bao
Soumitra Basu 330-672-3906 Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University. Quadraplex structures, insulin binding, gene structures and function. More on Basu
Heather Caldwell 330-672-3636 Ph.D., Georgia State University. Role of neuropeptides in regulating social behaviors and neuropsychiatric disorders. More on Caldwell
Gemma Casadesus-Smith 330-672-7894 Ph.D., Tufts University.  More on Casadesus-Smith
Yeong-Renn Chen 330-325-6537 Ph.D., Oklahoma State University. Oxygen free radicals, Nitric oxide, oxidative postranslational modifications, mitochondrial biology in myocardial infarction. More on Chen
John Y.L. Chiang 330-325-6694 Ph.D., SUNY Albany. Molecular cloning expression and regulation of cytochrome P-450 isoenzymes. More on Chiang
William Chilian 330-325-6426 Ph.D., University of Missouri. Angiogenesis, arteriogenesis, regulation of coronary blood flow, heart failure, stem cells, regenerative medicine. More on Chilian
Chi-hua Chiu Groff 330-672-5972 Ph.D., Wayne State University.  More on Chiu Groff
Wilson Chung 330-672-3641 Ph.D., University of Amsterdam. Neuroendocrine brain, androgens, fibroblast growth factor signaling. More on Chung
Robert Clements 330-672-2984 Ph.D., Kent State University.  More on Clements
Lique Coolen 330-672-8975 Ph.D. University of Nijmegen,Mechanisms by which spinal cord injury affects urogenital and sexual function, neurobiology of addiction and understanding neural circuits that mediate female reproductive function and dysfunction. More on Coolen
Lisa Cooper 330-325-6310 Ph.D., Kent State University.  More on Cooper
Christine Crish 330-672-6598 Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. Glaucoma, neurodegeneration, and bone loss in Alzheimer's disease.More on Crish
Samuel Crish 330-325-6680 Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago. Glaucoma, axonal transport, structure and function. More on Crish
Derek Damron 330-672-3370 Ph.D., Kent State University. Cardiac myocytes, signal transduction, protein kinases, contractility, anesthetic agents, calcium, cardiovascular disease. More on Damron
Bansidhar Datta 330-672-3816 Ph.D., University of Nebraska. More on Datta
Angelo Delucia 330-325-6135 Ph.D., Purdue University. Molecular biology of DNA tumor viruses, genetics of viral DNA replication, viral etiology of cancer. More on Delucia
Jessica Ferrell
Ph.D., Kent State University.
Gail C. Fraizer 330-672-1398 Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Tumor suppressor genes and cancer, mechanisms of tumorigenesis including growth control pathways, prostate cancer. More on Fraizer
Ernest J. Freeman 330-996-2383 Ph.D., Kent State University. Neurodegeneration, vascular smooth muscle cell function, biochemistry of multiple sclerosis. More on Freeman
Alexander Galazyuk 330-325-6640 Ph.D., Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology. Neuroscience of hearing. More on Galazyuk
Rebecca German 330-325-6299 Ph.D. Harvard University. Neurophysiology and biomechanics. Regulation of feeding and pathophysiology of dysphagia. More on German
Tariq Haqqi 330-325-6704 Ph.D., Aligarh Muslim University.
Elda Hegmann 330-672-1584 Ph.D., Université Laval. More on Hegmann
Tobin L. Hieronymus 330-325-6635 Ph.D., Ohio University. Pattern and process of skeletal evolution in vertebrates. More on Hieronymus
Aaron Jasnow 330-672-2137 Ph.D., Georgia State University. More on Jasnow
Min-ho Kim 330-672-1445 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University.  Innate immunity and inflammation on wound healing and tissue repair. More on Kim
Woo Yang Kim 330-672-7888 Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo.  Brain development, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Autism, intellectual disability, anxiety, depression, Neural stem cell, neuron migration.  More on Kim
Edgar Kooijman 330-672-8568 Ph.D., Utrecht University. Biophysics protein/lipid interactions, physical chemistry of lipid structure and function, model membranes, neutral lipid storage (lipid droplets/adipocytes). More on Kooijman
Gary Koski 330-672-3614 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. Immune system and cancer, vaccines, molecular mechanisms. More on Koski
Manabu Kurokawa 330-672-3614 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts. More on Kurokawa
Yoon-Kwang Lee 330-325-6415 Ph.D., Rutgers University. Structure and regulation of nuclear hormone receptors. More on Lee
Laura G. Leff 330-672-3788 Ph.D., University of Georgia. Molecular ecology of bacteria, bacterial enumeration and identification. More on Leff
William P. Lynch 330-325-6137 Ph.D., Cornell University. Mechanisms of neurodegeneration, CNS gene therapy, RNA tumor virus assembly and pathogenesis, microglial developmental biology. More on Lynch
Hanbin Mao 330-672-9380 Ph.D., Texas A&M University. More on Mao
Jennifer A. McDonough 330-672-2383 Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University. Regenerative medicine, mitochondrial dysfunction and epigenetic mechanisms in multiple sclerosis. More on McDonough
Jeffrey Mellott 330-325-6625 Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas. Age-related changes to inhibitory circuitry in the auditory pathways.  More on Mellott
Michael Model 330-672-2874 Ph.D., University of Michigan. Apoptosis, cell water and volume regulation, membrane potential. More on Model
Xiaozhen Mou 330-672-3625 Ph.D., University of Georgia. Metatranscriptomics of bacteria, pathogens in ecosystem. More on Mou
Devin Mueller 330-672-2934 Ph.D. Concordia University, Neural mechanisms of learning and memory that underlie drug use and emotional regulation. More on Mueller
Colleen Novak 330-672-3613 Ph.D., Michigan State University. Neural and endocrine mechanisms of activity thermogenesis in obesity. More on Novak
Vahagn Ohanyan 330-325-6535 Ph.D., Yerevan State Medical University
Moses Oyewumi 330-325-6669 Ph.D., University of Kentucky. Drug delivery, nanotechnology, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases. More on Oyewumi
Helen Piontkivska 330-672-3620 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. Comparative and evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics, molecular evolution. More on Piontkivska
Priya Raman 330-325-6425 Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Monroe. Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes and obesity; atherosclerosis; leptin; Thrombospondin-1. More on Raman
Merri J. Rosen 330-325-6516 Ph.D., Duke University. Neural correlates of auditory perception: effects of hearing loss and experience during development. More on Rosen
Mary Russell 330-675-7613 Ph.D., Ohio State University. Intermediate filament protein synemin, heart, protein kinases. More on Russell
Prabodh Sadana 330-325-6676 Ph.D., University of Tennessee. Hormonal regulation of lipid metabolism. More on Sadana
Fayez Safadi 330-325-6619 Ph.D., University of Southampton. Osteoblast development and function, effects of hormones and growth factors. More on Safadi
Thorsten Schmidt 330-672-0356 Ph.D., Frankfurt University, Germany. DNA nanotechnology-based tools and materials for single-molecule biophysics and nanomedicine.  More on Schmidt
Brett R. Schofield 330-325-6655 Ph.D., Duke University. Functional anatomy of auditory pathways. More on Schofield
Johannes G.M. Thewissen 330-325-6295 Ph.D., University of Michigan. Mammalian anatomy and evolution, morphological adaptations such as those for swimming and flight. More on Thewissen
Charles Thodeti 330-325-6423 Ph.D., S.V. University. Mechanical control of Tumor Angiogenesis and Cardiac Remodeling. More on Thodeti
Anthony Tosi 330-672-5121 Ph.D., Columbia University. More on Tosi
Sean Veney 330-672-3325 Ph.D., University of Virginia. Behavioral neuroendocrinology, sexual differentiation of the brain, syrinx anatomy, neuroethology of birdsong. More on Veney
S. Vijayaraghavan 330-672-9598 Ph.D., All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Signal transduction, sperm physiology, fertilization, contraception. More on Vijayaraghavan
Christopher Vinyard 330-325-6279 Ph.D., Northwestern University. Function and evolution of primate head. More on Vinyard
Kristy Welshhans 330-672-2957 Ph.D., Georgia State University. Neural development, axon growth and guidance, local translation, Down syndrome. More on Welshhans
Jeffrey J. Wenstrup 330-325-6630 Ph.D., Indiana University. Neural mechanisms of hearing, acoustic communication, including emotional responses to sound. More on Wenstrup
Bradley Winters 330-325-6114 Ph.D., Washington State University. Cellular neurophysiology of brainstem sound localization circuits that process timing and intensity differences between the two ears. More on Winters
Liya Yin 330-325-6521 Ph.D., M.D., Wuhan University. More on Yin
Jesse Young 330-325-6304 Ph.D., Stony Brook University. Comparative and developmental biomechanics of locomotion. More on Young
Ping Zhang 330-325-6342 Ph.D., Third Military Medical University. More on P. Zhang
Yanqiao Zhang 330-325-6693 M.D., Wuhan University. Regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism under normal and disease conditions. More on Zhang