Cellular & Molecular Faculty | Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences | Kent State University
Name Email Phone Specialty
Sanjaya Abeysirigunawardena sabeysir@kent.edu 330-672-2032 Ph.D., Wayne State University.
Julie Aultman jmaultma@neomed.edu 330-325-6113 Ph.D., Michigan State University. More on Aultman
Jianxin Bao jbao@neomed.edu   Ph.D., University of Florida.  Aging, Auditory Neuroscience, Gene Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Presbycusis, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Tinnitus. More on Bao
Soumitra Basu sbasu@kent.edu 330-672-3906 Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University. Quadraplex structures, insulin binding, gene structures and function. More on Basu
Heather Caldwell hcaldwel@kent.edu 330-672-3636 Ph.D., Georgia State University. Role of neuropeptides in regulating social behaviors and neuropsychiatric disorders. More on Caldwell
Gemma Casadesus-Smith gcasades@kent.edu 330-672-7894 Ph.D., Tufts University.  More on Casadesus-Smith
Yeong-Renn Chen ychen1@neomed.edu 330-325-6537 Ph.D., Oklahoma State University. Oxygen free radicals, Nitric oxide, oxidative postranslational modifications, mitochondrial biology in myocardial infarction. More on Chen
John Y.L. Chiang jchiang@neomed.edu 330-325-6694 Ph.D., SUNY Albany. Molecular cloning expression and regulation of cytochrome P-450 isoenzymes. More on Chiang
William Chilian wchilian@neomed.edu 330-325-6426 Ph.D., University of Missouri. Angiogenesis, arteriogenesis, regulation of coronary blood flow, heart failure, stem cells, regenerative medicine. More on Chilian
Chi-hua Chiu Groff cchiu5@kent.edu 330-672-5972 Ph.D., Wayne State University.  More on Chiu Groff
Wilson Chung wchung@kent.edu 330-672-3641 Ph.D., University of Amsterdam. Neuroendocrine brain, androgens, fibroblast growth factor signaling. More on Chung
Robert Clements rclement@kent.edu 330-672-2984 Ph.D., Kent State University.  More on Clements
Lisa Cooper lcooper@neomed.edu 330-325-6310 Ph.D., Kent State University.  More on Cooper
David Costello dcostel3@kent.edu 330-672-2035 Ph.D., University of Notre Dame. More on Costello
Samuel Crish scrish@neomed.edu 330-325-6680 Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago. Glaucoma, axonal transport, structure and function. More on Crish
Derek Damron ddamron@kent.edu 330-672-3370 Ph.D., Kent State University. Cardiac myocytes, signal transduction, protein kinases, contractility, anesthetic agents, calcium, cardiovascular disease. More on Damron
Bansidhar Datta bdatta@kent.edu 330-672-3816 Ph.D., University of Nebraska. More on Datta
Angelo Delucia ald@neomed.edu 330-325-6135 Ph.D., Purdue University. Molecular biology of DNA tumor viruses, genetics of viral DNA replication, viral etiology of cancer. More on Delucia
Vanessa Fitsanakis vfitsanakis@neomed.edu 330-325-6396 Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. More on Fitsanakis
Gail C. Fraizer gfraizer@kent.edu 330-672-1398 Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Tumor suppressor genes and cancer, mechanisms of tumorigenesis including growth control pathways, prostate cancer. More on Fraizer
Ernest J. Freeman efreema2@kent.edu 330-996-2383 Ph.D., Kent State University. Neurodegeneration, vascular smooth muscle cell function, biochemistry of multiple sclerosis. More on Freeman
Alexander Galazyuk agalaz@neomed.edu 330-325-6640/330-325-5916 Ph.D., Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology. Neuroscience of hearing. More on Galazyuk
Tariq Haqqi thaqqi@neomed.edu 330-325-6704 Ph.D., Aligarh Muslim University.
James P. Hardwick jph@neomed.edu 330-325-6684 Ph.D., Illinois State University. Functional role of autacoid P-450 isozymes in carcinogenesis, signal transduction in carcinogenesis and cell differentiation and proliferation. More on Hardwick
Elda Hegmann ehegmann@kent.edu 330-672-1584 Ph.D., Université Laval. More on Hegmann
Tobin L. Hieronymus thieronymus@neomed.edu 330-325-6635 Ph.D., Ohio University. Pattern and process of skeletal evolution in vertebrates. More on Hieronymus
Denise Inman dinman@neomed.edu 330-325-6449 Ph.D., University of Virginia. Neurodegeneration in glaucoma, gliosis, neural-glial interactions. More on Inman
Aaron Jasnow ajasnow@kent.edu 330-672-2137 Ph.D., Georgia State University. More on Jasnow
John D. Johnson jjohns72@kent.edu 330-672-3899 Ph.D., University of Colorado. Neural-immune interactions, brain cytokines, mood, behavior, stress and immunity. More on Johnson
Min-ho Kim mkim15@kent.edu 330-672-1445 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University.  Innate immunity and inflammation on wound healing and tissue repair. More on Kim
Woo Yang Kim wkim2@kent.edu 330-672-7888 Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo.  Brain development, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Autism, intellectual disability, anxiety, depression, Neural stem cell, neuron migration.  More on Kim
Edgar Kooijman ekooijma@kent.edu 330-672-8568 Ph.D., Utrecht University. Biophysics protein/lipid interactions, physical chemistry of lipid structure and function, model membranes, neutral lipid storage (lipid droplets/adipocytes). More on Kooijman
Gary Koski gkoski@kent.edu 330-672-3614 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. Immune system and cancer, vaccines, molecular mechanisms. More on Koski
Manabu Kurokawa mkurokaw@kent.edu 330-672-3614 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts. More on Kurokawa
Yoon-Kwang Lee ylee3@neomed.edu 330-325-6415 Ph.D., Rutgers University. Structure and regulation of nuclear hormone receptors. More on Lee
Laura G. Leff lleff@kent.edu 330-672-3788 Ph.D., University of Georgia. Molecular ecology of bacteria, bacterial enumeration and identification. More on Leff
Yong Lu ylu@neomed.edu 330-325-6656 Ph.D., Univ. Missouri-Columbia. Neurotransmitter systems, GABA, glutamate, audition. More on Lu
William P. Lynch wonk@neomed.edu 330-325-6137 Ph.D., Cornell University. Mechanisms of neurodegeneration, CNS gene therapy, RNA tumor virus assembly and pathogenesis, microglial developmental biology. More on Lynch
Hanbin Mao hmao@kent.edu 330-672-9380 Ph.D., Texas A&M University. More on Mao
Jennifer L. Marcinkiewicz jmarcink@kent.edu 330-672-5554 Ph.D., Illinois University at Champaign-Urbana. Ovarian follicle development, autocrine & paracrine regulation of ovarian function. More on Marcinkiewicz
Jennifer A. McDonough jmcdonou@kent.edu 330-672-2383 Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University. Regenerative medicine, mitochondrial dysfunction and epigenetic mechanisms in multiple sclerosis. More on McDonough
Jeffrey Mellott jmellott@neomed.edu 330-325-6625 Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas. Age-related changes to inhibitory circuitry in the auditory pathways.  More on Mellott
Michael Model mmodel@kent.edu 330-672-2874 Ph.D., University of Michigan. Apoptosis, cell water and volume regulation, membrane potential. More on Model
Xiaozhen Mou xmou@kent.edu 330-672-3625 Ph.D., University of Georgia. Metatranscriptomics of bacteria, pathogens in ecosystem. More on Mou
Colleen Novak cnovak13@kent.edu 330-672-3613 Ph.D., Michigan State University. Neural and endocrine mechanisms of activity thermogenesis in obesity. More on Novak
Moses Oyewumi moyewumi@neomed.edu 330-325-6669 Ph.D., University of Kentucky. Drug delivery, nanotechnology, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases. More on Oyewumi
Helen Piontkivska opiontki@kent.edu 330-672-3620 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. Comparative and evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics, molecular evolution. More on Piontivska
Priya Raman praman@neomed.edu 330-325-6425 Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Monroe. Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes and obesity; atherosclerosis; leptin; Thrombospondin-1. More on Raman
Merri J. Rosen mrosen@neomed.edu 330-325-6516 Ph.D., Duke University. Neural correlates of auditory perception: effects of hearing loss and experience during development. More on Rosen
Mary Russell mrussel1@kent.edu 330-675-7613 Ph.D., Ohio State University. Intermdiate filament protein synemin, heart, protein kinases. More on Russell
Prabodh Sadana psadana@neomed.edu 330-325-6676 Ph.D., University of Tennessee. Hormonal regulation of lipid metabolism. More on Sadana
Fayez Safadi fsafadi@neomed.edu 330-325-6619 Ph.D., University of Southampton. Osteoblast development and function, effects of hormones and growth factors. More on Safadi
Brett R. Schofield bschofie@neomed.edu 330-325-6655 Ph.D., Duke University. Functional anatomy of auditory pathways. More on Schofield
Diane Stroup dstroup1@kent.edu 330-672-3352 Ph.D., Ohio State University. Transcriptional control, regulated transcription of CYP7A1. More on Stroup
Johannes G.M. Thewissen thewisse@neomed.edu 330-325-6295 Ph.D., University of Michigan. Mammalian anatomy and evolution, morphological adaptations such as those for swimming and flight. More on Thewissen
Charles Thodeti cthodeti@neomed.edu 330-325-6423 Ph.D., S.V. University. Mechanical control of Tumor Angiogenesis and Cardiac Remodeling. More on Thodeti
Anthony Tosi atosi@kent.edu 330-672-5121 Ph.D., Columbia University. More on Tosi
Sean Veney sveney@kent.edu 330-672-3325 Ph.D., University of Virginia. Behavioral neuroendocrinology, sexual differentiation of the brain, syrinx anatomy, neuroethology of birdsong. More on Veney
S. Vijayaraghavan svijayar@kent.edu 330-672-9598 Ph.D., All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Signal transduction, sperm physiology, fertilization, contraception. More on Vijayaraghavan
Christopher Vinyard cvinyard@neomed.edu 330-325-6279 Ph.D., Northwestern University. Function and evolution of primate head. More on Vinyard
Kristy Welshhans kwelshha@kent.edu 330-672-2957 Ph.D., Georgia State University. Neural development, axon growth and guidance, local translation, Down syndrome. More on Welshhans
Jeffrey J. Wenstrup jjw@neomed.edu 330-325-6630 Ph.D., Indiana University. Neural mechanisms of hearing, acoustic communication, including emotional responses to sound. More on Wenstrup
Christopher J. Woolverton cwoolver@kent.edu 330-672-4648 Ph.D., West Virginia University. Bacterial cell wall polymers in inflammation, sepsis and its sequelae, antibiotic delivery devices, microbial identification and neutralization devices. More on Woolverton
Liya Yin lyin@neomed.edu 330-325-6521 Ph.D., M.D., Wuhan University. More on Yin
Jesse Young jwyoung@neomed.edu 330-325-6304 Ph.D., Stony Brook University. Comparative and developmental biomechanics of locomotion. More on Young
June Yun jyun@neomed.edu 330-325-6638 Ph.D., George Washington University. Signaling via adrenergic receptors, cardiac contractions and growth. More on Yun
Ping Zhang pzhang@neomed.edu 330-325-6342 Ph.D., Third Military Medical University. More on P. Zhang
Yanqiao Zhang yzhang@neomed.edu 330-325-6693 M.D., Wuhan University. Regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism under normal and disease conditions. More on Zhang