Program Overview

The Neuroscience program is designed to prepare trainees for careers in research and teaching. Northeast Ohio is an epicenter for neuroscience research and Kent State University is home to the Brain Health Research Institute, which supports researchers and students through programming designed to help improve our understanding of brain function in health, disease, and repair across the lifespan. This program emphasizes a strong neuroscience foundation from the cellular/molecular level to the system level.

Specializations include:

Research projects are completed under the guidance of a Neurosciences faculty member at any of the participating institutions.

Job Placement

Graduates of this program have achieved career success in research positions in academia, government, and industry as well as teaching positions in institutions of higher education.

Resources for the Neuroscience Program

Faculty in the Neuroscience Program are drawn from departments across Kent State University, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the Northeast Ohio Medical University, and The University of Akron. Additional faculty are located at area clinical facilities and hospitals. State-of-the-art resources available for graduate training include facilities for:

  • electrophysiology
  • proteomics and genomics
  • microscopy
    • light sheet microscopy
    • confocal microscopy
  • cell and tissue culture
  • protein chemistry and structure
  • genetics
    • optogenetics
    • epigenetics
  • cellular imaging
    • calcium imaging
  • brain imaging
  • behavior


This program admits both M.S. and Ph.D. students, though Ph.D. students are preferentially admitted.

Applicants to the Neuroscience Program:

  • Must meet the general program requirements for Ph.D. or M.S.
  • Must have taken undergraduate preparation courses in neuroscience, as well as sufficient undergraduate coursework in chemistry, math, biology, psychology and/or neuroscience. 

The curricula for this program contains core coursework but also allows flexibility in the selection of additional electives depending upon the interests of the student and the advisor. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Director of the School of Biomedical Sciences.

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