Career-Technical Workforce Development (CTWD) License

The 2-Year Initial Provisional Career-Technical Workforce Development (CTWD) License is available to those individuals who are successfully approved with the CTE-36 and CTE-37 evaluation completed by Ohio School Districts. Typically, the 2-Year Initial Provisional CTWD Licensure program begins with two courses, CTTE Methods I and CTTE Advanced Methods, offered during the Summer III session.  In the event a new teacher misses the summer program, special fall classes can be arranged to accommodate the teacher. Please contact the Career-Technical Teacher Education Program for advising at 330-672-0676.

CTE-36 and CTE-37 applicants are skilled in areas such as drafting, electronics, automotive repair, cosmetology, and various other areas. These skilled workers leave the industry in which they are employed to pursue a position as a Career-Technical Teacher in their occupational area. Additional information regarding CTTE licensure and the CTE-36/ CTE-37 forms are available on the Ohio Department of Education website.

An Ohio School District may hire an individual to teach in career-technical education if he or she:

  • Holds a minimum of a high school diploma
  • Shows evidence of five years of full-time work experience or equivalent in the career field
  • Completes an approved preservice career-technical education program

Individuals applying for a 2-Year Provisional CTWD License follow the CTE-36 and CTE-37 process as explained in the Ohio Department of Education's "A Guide for Licensing for Career-Tech and Adult Education" on the ODE website (See Section 5 for Initial Licenses in the Guide for Licensing Candidates for Career-Technical and Adult Education in Ohio).  A 2-Year Provisional CTWD License may be renewed if the requirements to advance to a 5-Year Advanced Career-Technical Workforce Development License have not been met. To renew a 2-Year Provisional CTWD License, the teacher must have made adequate progress in the university teacher preparation program. Upon completing the 24-semester hour approved teacher preparation program, the required Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) and two years of teaching, a 5-Year Advanced Career-Technical Workforce Development License is issued for specific pathways in the following career fields even though the baccalaureate degree is not held.

Please note that you do not need to have all the coursework completed before you can start teaching career-technical education. You can teach on an initial license while taking the required coursework. 

Depending on the educational background of the prospective teacher, the coursework requirements will vary as outlined below. Before registering for the coursework, it is necessary to meet with the program coordinator of the CTTE program, Dr. Davison Mupinga (, to further discuss admissions and other requirements.

Undergraduate:  24.0 Credit Hour Undergraduate Program

If you're interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree AFTER completing the Career-Technical Teacher Education Program, please contact program coordinator, Dr. Davison Mupinga at or 330-672-2656.

Graduate:  24.0 Credit Hour Graduate Program

12.0 Credit Hour Graduate Program 

Please Note: 

The Provisional or Supplemental License can be renewed if the student has made adequate progress in the university teacher preparation program. (See the specific program requirement sheet for an explanation of sufficient progress.)

Have further questions? Contact program coordinator Dr. Davison Mupinga at or 330-672-2656.