Program Terms and Definitions

Extensive information and forms related to becoming a CTE teacher are available on the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website.

CTE - 36 - An ODE form that records the experience of a prospective Career-Technical teacher to ensure the candidate has the necessary industry experience to teach a CTE area. The school district completes and keeps this form on file. (This form is NOT sent to KSU.)

CTE - 37 - An ODE form that indicates a school district has hired a new CTE teacher. The form must be signed by the appropriate school administrator and EMAILED to KSU.  It is an employment verification form and a program verification form.  The CTE-37 form will be completed upon a teacher being hired as a Career Technical teacher and then again when the teacher is allowed to apply for the CTE professional license. The CTE teacher, the school district superintendent and the university official (Dr. Davison Mupinga) must electronically sign the CTE-37 form.

Career-Technical Workforce Development (CTWD) License - A non-traditional pathway to obtaining a CTWD license. This path is based on a candidate's work and/or professional experience.

NOCTI - The National Occupational Competency Testing Institute provides testing services to CTE teachers who wish to verify their work experience and apply the earned credits-by-exam toward a bachelor degree. (12 - 24 college credit hours)


Two-Year Provisional Career-Technical Workforce Development License - this license is issued to a teacher who has been hired out of industry by an Ohio school district to be a Career-Technical teacher. The teacher will teach under this license as he/she completes the university coursework and all school district and Ohio Department of Education licensure requirements.  After completing the teaching and licensure requirements, the teacher will apply for a Five-Year Advanced Career-Technical Workforce Development license.

One-Year Supplemental License for Career-Technical Workforce Development - this is a teaching license for a currently Ohio-licensed teacher who is completing university coursework to teach a career-technical workforce development program or a Career-Based Intervention program.

Five-Year Advanced Career-Technical Workforce Development License - upon completion of an ODE licensure program, the teacher applies for his/her Five-Year Advanced Career-Technical Workforce Development license. The application process is related to the licensure path the teacher has taken to obtain the license. Teachers will be given specific application directions by KSU for the five-year license near the end of the program.