"World Class" Podcast

World Class
Tune in regularly for our new podcast, "World Class," which features lively conversations about global issues and global developments. We'll feature guests from the university community and beyond. Hosted by CCI seniors Daniel Henderson and Hana Barkowitz.


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Episode 1: What lessons can today's college students learn from 9/11?

Join a special 9/11 "World Class" conversation with Charles (Chuck) Banks.

Professor Landon Hancock

Episode 2: North Korea: War of Words?

Is North Korea an existential threat to the U.S. – or is this a rhetorical battle?

Amrita Datta and Barend de Rooij

Episode 3: Gun Addicted? How Other Cultures View America's Gun Obsession

Is gun violence an American issue or a world issue?

Professor Yesim Kaptan

Episode 4: Nationalism Vs Globalism: The New Realities?

Is nationalism really on the rise as we're made to believe?

Dr. Suzanne Holt

Episode 5: The Movement Behind #MeToo

Join us as the director of Kent State's Women's Studies program, Dr. Suzanne Holt.