Physician Feature: February, 2021

Before you sit in their office, sit in on an interview with us as we ask Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic physicians all the important questions!

Meet Kathy Siesel, DPM

Associate Professor, Division of Surgery & Biomechanics, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine

 Degrees & Training: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine

Special Interests: Non-surgical treatment of adult and pediatric gait abnormalities that affect comfort while walking ; non-surgical treatment of many foot and ankle conditions including toe deformities

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  • Q: What's your favorite procedure to perform? 
    • A: I have two absolute favorites: nail and callus care; and those dealing with shoes (shoe types versus foot type), and orthoses (custom, off-the-shelf, over-the-counter, or any other shoe insert)
  • Q: Why did you choose podiatry?  
    • A: I discovered podiatry following undergraduate school on the advice of my advisor. I shadowed a podiatry office and really enjoyed the variety. As I learned more, I realized that I had prior experiences that pointed in this direction. During high school, I worked in a restaurant and found myself noticing how different people walk, and how gait was different in high-heeled shoes.
  • Q: What are your favorite aspects of the profession?
    • A: My favorite aspects of the profession include the ability to have patients feel significantly better, often after the first visit and to be able to follow them through their course of treatment. 
  • Q: What do you love about working at the Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic?
    • A: It's like a family: the staff, faculty, and students. The regular patients are also much like family. They look forward to seeing a different student each visit and getting to interact with faculty and staff.
  • Q: What's it like being a podiatrist in a global pandemic? 
    • A: The largest change has been the personal protective equipment. It has also greatly decreased our students' experience in covering foot races. Many races (marathon and shorter) were completed virtually, and some longer ones could not be safely held last summer and fall.
  • Q: What shows are you hooked on right now? 
    • A: I enjoy several of the home renovation shows! It's always interesting to see how the properties are changed, and the problems encountered along the way.
  • Q: What do you do to relax? 
    • A: I enjoy being with my wife, and at home hanging out with our two cats. When the pandemic is over it will be nice to travel again. We really like Aruba and have made several friends there.
  • Q: Any hidden talents?
    • A: I enjoy crafting with paper, macrame, etc.
  • Q: What was your very first job? 
    • A: I worked at Cedar Point as part of the daytime sweep staff. The park employees were a great group of people.
  • Q: How do you take your coffee? 
    • A: With cream!
  • Q: What motivates you to work hard? 
    • A: Working with students to help them understand difficult concepts, or to understand how a treatment will work. And this helps patients to feel better also.