Physician Feature: June, 2021

Before you sit in their office, sit in on an interview with us as we ask Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic physicians all the important questions!

Meet Christina Pratt, DPM, AACFAS

Assistant Professor, Division of  Podiatric & General Medicine, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine

Degrees & Training: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, California School of Podiatric Medicine; Reconstructive Rearfoot & Ankle Surgical Residency, The Cleveland Clinic, Mercy Health and Akron General Hospitals

Special Interests: Surgery of the forefoot, including bunions and hammertoes ; Endoscopic techniques

Recognitions & Awards: 2018 Faculty of the Year Award, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine


  • Q: What's your favorite procedure to perform?
    • A: I am typically an impatient person, so I appreciate the immediate satisfaction that comes post-operatively from simple soft tissue mass excisions. For a challenge, I love an entire forefoot reconstruction.
  • Q: Why did you choose podiatry? Favorite aspects of the profession?
    • A: I love that part of my week is  spent in surgery, doing a job that is very technical, and yet another part is spent doing something very personal, in really getting to know your patients as people.
  • Q: Why do you love working at the Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic?
    • A: The students. Watching and guiding them as they do their firsts in their profession; first patient encounter, first procedure. It's a unique perspective and ultimately rewarding. 
  • Q: What's it like being a podiatrist in a global pandemic?
    • A: I think that there is quite a responsibility in this situation for any healthcare provider in any role; it's changed the game for all of us. Your patients look to you as a resource and as an advocate of their medical care. Many of our patients suffer from multiple comorbidities, they are vulnerable, making our job as an advocate for their overall health, either directly or indirectly, so important. For me personally, I've been the most affected by watching what my younger sister, a general surgeon, has gone through on the front line in NYC during the height of COVID. She was a superstar.
  • Q: What shows are you hooked on right now?
    • A: If it's a Netflix Canadian comedy series, I've loved it.
  • Q: Tell us about your free-time! 
    • A: I always imagined as an attending, I'd see so much more free time than I did as a student or resident. Between seeing patients out of our clinical offices, being on call, being in the OR, and at KSUCPM, not quite the case. However this is most definitely by choice at the moment, a challenge, and motivating every day. 
  • Q: Any hidden talents?
    • A: I'm really good at finding the most expensive item in the store and then only wanting that one. 
  • Q: What's one thing you couldn't live without?
    • A: This is very obvious to anyone that knows me; The star of my life, Polly Pocket, my 11 year-old Yorkie.
  • Q: What was your very first job?
    • A: If making my younger sister buy things from me around the house counts, then I began as an entrepreneur at age 5. Otherwise, I thought I landed my dream career at 16, selling jewelry at JCPenney in the mall!
  • Q: If you weren't a podiatrist, what would you be?
    • A: A dermatologist or cosmetic chemist. I can talk skincare and ingredients all day long.
  • Q: What's your favorite place to be?
    • A: Anywhere that I'm feeling motivated and happy. Sometimes that's in the OR, sometimes that's at home, and some days that's at happy hour. 
  • Q: We finish this interview and you step outside to find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What do you do?
    • A: Ask for a same day meeting with my accountant and get the extra guac that day. 
  • Q: If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
    • A: The power to get all of my charts done the same day. This is a true superpower.
  • Q: Favorite book?
    • A: Better by Atul Gawande
  • Q: Who is your role model and why?
    • A: My dad, always. "Always be the one who says yes to opportunity," and I try to live by those words for opportunities large or small.
  • Q: If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?
    • A: London, UK
  • Q: How do you relax?
    • A lot of yoga, gua sha, and a tiny bit of bourbon.
  • Q: What is your favorite vacation?
    • A: Any new city to explore. I have such a strong desire to explore more of Europe.
  • Q: What motivates you to work hard?
    • A: Knowing that you are in the position to motivate other people- patients, students, colleagues, friends. Watching that manifest is pretty powerful.
  • Q: How do you take your coffee?
    • A: Iced and accompanied by carbs.
  • Q: What did you want to be when you were little?
    • A: Anything that would allow me to hold a microphone.
  • Q: Any fun quarantine purchases?
    • A: The Eats Pass on Uber Eats; definitely got our money's worth