Biostatistical and Research Design Services

The Center promotes excellence in public health, epidemiologic, population-based, and clinical research through biostatistical consulting and related research and data management methods with a focus on clinical studies and community-based programs. The Center’s Biostatistical and Research Design faculty and staff provide services to university faculty, staff and students and community agencies and organizations. The Center provides consulting relevant to all phases of the research process.  


  • Experimental Design

  • Sample Size and Power Calculations

  • Qualitative Research Development and Analysis

  • Qualtrics Survey Development and Programming

  • Database Development, Management, and Data Quality Checks

  • Data Entry and Cleaning

  • Missing Data Evaluation and Management

  • Statistical Consultation and Analysis

  • Survey Data Analysis

  • Statistical Review for Manuscripts and Reports

  • Statistical analysis support for dissertations, DNP and medical resident research

Examples of analyses provided include, but are not limited to, descriptive, t-tests, ANOVA, chi-square, correlation, linear and logistic regression, survival analysis, longitudinal analysis, and principal component analysis. The Center provides discounted contracted services for larger projects.

Rates for Services:

Expertise Level

KSU Rate

External Rate

Center Faculty (PhD-level)



Graduate Consultant (doctoral level)



Assistant Consultant (master’s level)



All work is completed or supervised by PhD-level faculty.

The Center provides discounted contracted services for larger projects. Email or call 330.672.7148 for more information.