A.I.D. Training

A.I.D. training is offered as part of the More Aware Initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

A.I.D. training is a 60 to 90 minute mental health awareness training that teaches students, faculty, and staff three steps. Training can be taught in-person or virtually. 

  • Awareness: how to recognize the signs and symptoms of students in distress
  • Interaction: how to effectively interact with students in distress
  • Direction: how to locate and provide resources to students in distress

Other key components of this training include:

  • Educating trainees on local and national mental health resources
  • Practicing scenarios that trainees may experience
  • Reducing stigma about mental illness and substance use
  • Promoting self-care

Please register if you are a KSU student, faculty, or staff and are interested in taking an online A.I.D. training. Kent State employees that attend A.I.D. Trainings earn one hour of Beyond Compliance. If you have any questions about AID, contact Kayla Marker, kmarker@kent.edu

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Three steps to A.I.D. Action Plan Awareness Interaction Direction


Participant Workbook  Fillable Participant WorkbookResource handout (nonspecific) Resource handout (specific to Kent State University) Practice A.I.D. using scenarios  Ways to start a conversation


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