Public Health Management and Policy

Much of the Center's work is focused on assisting public sector agencies and non-profit public health, mental health, and health care focused organizations achieve positive impacts on the public's health. The Center provides this assistance through technical assistance efforts, such as strategic planning, feasibility assessment, and Community Health Assessment facilitation, and also through health policy and management focused research. Center staff and affiliates have assisted and worked with local health departments, hospital systems, Mental Health and Recovery Boards, and other organizations in a variety of areas. A listing of recent and past projects in the Health Policy and Management area is provided below.

Recent Projects

Impacts of Local Health Department Consolidation: A Summary of Recent Research Nationally and in Ohio

Health officials around Ohio are exploring the idea of consolidating local health departments (LHDs). This document summarizes potential benefits to be achieved from LHD consolidation in terms of monetary savings and efficiencies, as well as public health service improvements. Potential costs associated with consolidation-related transition processes are also
The Portage and Kent Health Departments completed a collaborative Community Health Assessment (CHA) in cooperation with partner organizations within the community in 2015. Center staff had the opportunity to serve as facilitators for this effort. The result of the assessment was the determination of a set of priority health needs. This report was then followed up by additional primary data collection efforts by both health departments and the creation and implementation of a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).
The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Stark County (MHRSB) and its partners led a System of Care (SOC) strategic planning effort to address continuum of care system gaps within Stark County. A diverse set of stakeholders participated in this effort to create a sustainable system of behavioral health services for the county’s children and their families. An evaluation team from Kent State University’s (KSU) Center for Public Policy and Health (CPPH), led by Dr. VanGeest, was tasked with evaluating the level of consensus among the partners that make up the “SOC Expansion Planning Team” at various points in the process.
Past Projects
Please see the Publications page for additional reports and articles related to Public Health Policy and Management