Public Policy and Administration

The Center for Public Policy and Health has a history of assisting government entities at the local, state, and federal levels. The Center provides assistance to public officials through the publication of research, technical assistance, and training. Activities focus on a variety of subject areas, including traditional public administration issues, such as public budgeting and strategic planning, to public policy issues such as urban redevelopment. The Center’s current and past work in this area is outlined below.

Current Projects

Ohio Municipal Clerks Association (OMCA) Training Program. The Center works with the OMCA Professional Development Committee to plan, develop, and implement a continuing education program for municipal clerks in the states of Ohio and West Virginia. Clerks who attend the trainings can earn points toward certification by the International Institute of Municipal Clerk s (IIMC). Please visit the Ohio Municipal Clerks Association’s Website ( for more information on offered training. 

Past Projects

Visit the Publications library to view the Center's reports related to Public Policy and Administration.