Collaborative Success Stories- Several Narratives

Since 2009, the Center has been studying the following specific cases of collaboration.  Each of these projects was selected as a finalist in the 2009 EfficientGovNow (EGN) program - a contest inviting local government officials to write and submit proposals for projects that involve two or more local governments working together to save money and/or improve government services.  The finalists' proposals were then voted on by the public, with the winning projects receiving grant funding to either begin or continue their collaborative effort.

The Fund for Our Economic Future - the philanthropic organization which sponsored EGN - has asked the Center to track eight of the final projects.  By studying these efforts, the Center seeks to assist other entities by documenting information and lessons learned growing from these cases of collaboration.

The following cases of collaboration are short summaries of the Center's findings, thus far.  However, this research is continuing and more complete case studies will be released in the coming months.



Summit        Efficiencies in Cost Savings for Pubic Health
        Service Area: Health and Environment

The initial proposal aimed to utilize technology to improve communication and information sharing among the agencies involved, but transformed into a health department consolidation.





Rollin on the River        Rollin on the River
        Service Area: Economic Development

This project involves implementing an interactive website to enhance economic competitiveness and the more efficient use of local government resources to promote economic development in Mahoning River communities.





Stark        Sustain a Greener Ohio
        Service Area: Public Works

Entities in Stark County are collaborating with local jurisdictions to map the county's Storm Water Conveyance System to meet EPA mandates.