Dr. Thomas Pascarella

Dr. Pascarella holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree with a major in public administration and a minor in public finance.  In addition he holds an MPA degree and a BA in government service.  He taught for many years as a Professor of Economics and Management at Hiram College where he retired and holds the rank of Professor Emeritus.  Since his retirement he has been employed as the Director of Administration for the City of Tallmadge, Ohio. In addition he has taught recently on a part time basis at Kent State University and Hiram College.  He has over four decades of government employment and consulting at the local level.  This service has included full time employment in city planning and city management.  He has written over 50 studies, presentations, and papers dealing with government collaboration, job incentive programs, urban mass transit, the impact of casinos on job creation, and other topics regarding public policy. Curriculum Vitae