The Center has been actively involved in the meetings and discussions of the State EPA Incremental Measures Workgroup (IMWG).  The IMWG is a collaboration between state water quality officials, US EPA regional officials, and US EPA headquarters officials based in Washington, D.C.

The IMWG was developed out of the desire to strengthen the relationship and encourage cooperation between state water quality stakeholders and US EPA while measuring progress in TMDL development and implementation. The workgroup came together in August 2009 to discuss the challenge of filling the gaps in current measures of water quality progress, and has hosted many information-gathering sessions to discuss these issues and the proposed changes to current measures.



National Policy Meeting of Water Quality Experts in Washington D.C.
December 7-8, 2010
In early December of 2010, the Center hosted a meeting of the State EPA Incremental Measures Workgroup to discuss strategies to improve the way US EPA and state environmental agencies measure progress in water quality restoration.  The workgroup, assisted by the Center, reviewed the national watershed restoration measures of progress and alternative measures that had been developed for consideration. By the end of the two-day meeting, the workgroup submitted two proposals to US EPA headquarters for review.  The proposed changes to the current measures of watershed restoration progress could allow for a more complete picture of the effort being made by US EPA and state water quality agencies to restore and protect the nation's waters.


   Selection of PowerPoint Presentations from IMWG Workgroup Sessions

                    August 2009 - 2010

Since it's inception in 2009, the IMWG has held numerous sessions to discuss important water quality issues.  The following presentations contain information that was shared among members during these meetings.
KSU - TMDLs Implementation Progress Indicators Tracking
June 2010