Lean Management: Operations Review

It is often said that government should be run like a business.  Sometimes the problems in governments may be attributed to how they are run, and comparing them to a business model may yield worthwhile ideas for consideration. The organization or department may appear to be operating as expected, yet problems can exist despite experienced supervisory staff and motivated employees. Careful analysis of all systems by our staff can yield benefits to your operation, increase cost containment and expand service provision to your citizens.

Department management or elected/appointed officials are inundated with demands for more money, more time and more staff.  Interpersonal or intradepartmental communication may be poor, or productivity is lacking.  Equipment, or work methods maybe out dated.  Certain issues and meetings may take up too much of your time and work goals go unrealized.  Everyday work may not be aligned with the strategic plan, if in fact such a plan exists.  Sometimes there is a communication gap between elected officials and staff members, often leading to a dysfunctional working environment.

When conducting an operations review, we will examine organizational communications, departmental and organizational goals, personnel allocation, workload assignment, and we will review spending and overtime history.

Through a series of interviews and meetings with you and your staff, we will acquire a knowledge of your organization, which gives us the ability to provide objective and practical solutions to your issues and problems.  We will research current best practices as they apply to your department and organization, then propose recommendations for new methods, solutions or initiatives.  This service can be performed both on an organizational and/or departmental level.