Student Employee Spotlight- Cassie Shokles


Cassie Shokles

Cassie Shokles

Graduate Research Assistant


What is your degree program?

Master of Public Health (MPH) with an epidemiology specialization. Anticipated graduation date is May 2022. 

What do you do for the Division of Mental Health and Substance Use?

I coordinate and implement mental health event programming to raise awareness of mental health and substance misuse among Kent State University students for the GLS project.

What is your favorite memory from Kent State University?

Subzero temperatures with frigid winds caused the Kent main campus to cancel classes and most on-campus operations. I purposely left my residence hall to explore the campus, despite the cold weather warnings. The campus center was barren and desolate without another being in sight. With no other life around, I felt like I was immersed in absolute and utter silence, and it consumed my thoughts, body sensations, and emotions. It was almost post-apocalyptic, like a nuclear winter or maybe, it was more like what a warm summer's day would be in Antarctica.  This is one of my favorite memories because it was an experience like no other.

Why did you choose to go into public health?

I believe that every single thing in our lives is capable of affecting our health: for good, for bad or for both. There is not one thing that doesn't impact our lives and livelihoods. Everything has a role, but we often don't know what that role is and how it affects us.  I think I'm supposed to be someone that asks questions and finds answers, regardless of if they are data-driven or not. More simply put, I think I'm in this field to think about things that either have yet to be considered in public health research or yet to be implemented into public health practice.

What is your favorite place to eat in Kent?

Insomnia Cookies

What is the last tv show you watched or book that you read?


What are your plans after graduation?

Obtain full-time employment as a research assistant or project coordinator for mental health or substance use research, then eventually, pursue a PhD in Public Health at Kent State. 

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