Student Employee Spotlight- Kayla Marker


Kayla Marker

Kayla Marker

Graduate Research Assistant


What is your degree program? 

Currently I am pursuing a Master of Public Health with an anticipated graduation date of 2023.

What do you do for the Division of Mental Health and Substance Use?

I am a Graduate Assistant in the Division. I am responsible for Active Minds @ KSU, and the Student Mental Health Coalition, where we do a lot of mental health programming on campus. 

What is your favorite memory from Kent State University?

My favorite KSU memory is tied with being awarded with the 2020 Golden Flash Award from the Alumni Association and graduating with two bachelor’s degrees this past May. 

Why did you choose to go into public health?

I chose to enter the Public Health field because, especially now, we are seeing that there is much more work to be done to ensure that everyone has the ability to achieve the same level of public health. 

What is your favorite place to eat in Kent?

My favorite place to eat in Kent is Guy's Pizza.

What is the last tv show you watched or book that you read?

I most recently watched Friends. 

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation are to create my own non-profit mental health organization, or to work for the National Park Service.  



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