In addition to participating in on-campus leadership development activities, the Center for Student Involvement encourages students to seek out opportunities off-campus. Examples include local, state, regional and national conferences, drive-in workshops, and internships. We also recognize that attendance at these types of activities can be pricey. There are several funding sources available to individual students and student organizations to help offset some of these costs. Descriptions of each funding source and links to more information are listed below.

Dennis Eckart Endowed Student Leadership Fund

The Dennis E. Eckart Endowed Student Leadership fund provides support for students seeking educational opportunities, leadership development programs, internships, community service and co-curricular experiences. This fund enables students to experience opportunities that they may not be able to attend due to financial constraints. This fund was established by Dennis Eckart, former U.S. Congressman for the 11th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He donated unspent campaign funds to ensure undergraduate students could participate in opportunities beyond the traditional classroom environment.

Student Organization Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide all registered student organizations (graduate and undergraduate) at Kent State University, Kent campus, with an alternative funding source for organization business. The money in this fund is available for educational programs, marketing/PR of the organization, conferences, etc.


All undergraduate students pay a student activity fee as part of your tuition. A portion of this money goes to the Undergraduate Student Government Allocations Committee to provide funding to student organizations for programming and conferences. Please review the Allocations Guidelines carefully for the requirements related to conference funding requests.

Allocations Program Request

Allocations Conference Request