Kent Student Ambassadors

In addition, the Kent State Student Ambassadors participate in the education of philanthropy and the role it plays in the day-to-day operations of Kent State University.  The Kent State Student Ambassadors serve a variety of departments and organizations on campus, and are often the only student leaders represented at events such as the Bowman Breakfast, Homecoming, Giving Tuesday, Philanthropy Week, Alumni Day of Service, Relay for Life and the President's Loge.

A majority of members hold leadership positions in other organizations and also serve as a voice to Kent State alumni.

While inspiring pride, promoting philanthropy, upholding university reputation and serving as liaisons between students and administration, the organization raises scholarship support for fellow students through two scholarship funds: 

Kent State Emergency Grant Fund

Kent State Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Ambassadors engage with and educate the KSU community/campus, inspiring pride and philanthropy in Kent State University, upholding the university's reputation, and serving as liaisons between students and administration, and KSU campus and community.



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