Leadership Center


The Kent State University Leadership Center aims to develop the next generation of ethical, purposeful change agents and thought leaders committed to creating positive change. The center provides high-quality resources and transformative experiences to strengthen your leadership abilities. We believe that leadership is comprised of a set of skills and capacities that can be taught, refined, and ultimately enhanced. Throughout your time at Kent State University, take advantage of our programs and services to equip you with the critical leadership skills necessary for personal and career success.

We believe that all individuals have the capacity to lead, and we are dedicated to the study and practice of leadership where purpose, vision, innovation, and collaboration take shape in creative and meaningful ways.

Leadership Philosophy 

At Kent State, we aspire to create critical learners, innovators, and adaptive problem solvers whose leadership exemplifies distinction. We develop students’ leadership identity, capacity, and efficacy through our interdisciplinary, university-wide leadership program based in strategic partnerships and high-impact practices.

  • WHY WE DO IT - We believe all Kent State students possess leadership potential. Our core values and commitment to developing a community of change agents provide a high-quality environment for teaching, learning, and practicing leadership.
  • WHAT WE DO - Kent State provides distinctive opportunities and tools for leadership transformation informed by our leadership credo. Students will discover their leadership identity, learn how to lead in an inclusive, globally-minded community, and creatively express their individual leadership styles.
  • HOW WE DO IT - Students actively participate in a comprehensive leadership program based on the Kent State University Leadership Development Model supported by strategic partnerships and high-impact practices.

Leadership Credo

Kent State University believes that all individuals have the capacity to lead, and we provide an abundance of co-curricular experiences and community partnerships to enhance students’ leadership identity, capacity, and efficacy.


  • Is a value-based, relational process that creates positive change
  • Is teachable and can be learned
  • Can be practiced by anyone regardless of formal position or role


  • Have strong self-awareness and are guided by a clear purpose and set of core values
  • Are ethical role models who act in alignment with their values
  • Value and actively engage in diverse opinions, perspectives, experiences, and identities
  • Leverage individual and collective values to accomplish a shared goal
  • Understand multiple leadership models and are able to incorporate leadership knowledge and skill into practice
  • Are committed to working with others towards positive change