Leadership Certificate Program

We believe all Kent State students possess leadership potential. Our core values and commitment to developing a community of change agents motivates us to provide a high-quality environment for teaching, learning, and practicing leadership. To further develop leadership efficacy, students from first-year students to seniors are encouraged to participate in the Leadership Certificate Program, which will challenge them to develop competence in the areas of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and community-oriented leadership strategies. 


Students that participate in the Leadership Certificate Program will be able to: 

  • Articulate their leadership identity, values, and influences 

  • Define how to lead in an inclusive, globally minded community 

  • Creatively express their individual leadership styles 


Leadership is a lifelong journey, so any currently enrolled undergraduate student can participate in this program at their own pace. Those that complete each tier of the program will be recognized in our newsletter and social media outlets. Those that complete the pathway will be publicly recognized at the Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony in April each year. 



Find more video tutorials for navigating the Leadership Certificate Program path here.


Are you interested in the Leadership Certificate Program, but want to learn more?  Contact our office at lead@kent.edu and a team member will connect with you soon!