Session Two

Dennis Campbell - Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life
The Hero’s Journey: A Leader’s Tale
Every student leader is a hero on their own journey and faces monumental challenges and struggles as they move through their own Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey is not only used in myths and legends but applies to daily leadership practices of students and can help us understand the growth of ourselves and organizations. Come explore your own Hero’s Journey and find your own “Call to Adventure”.

Lisa Morde - Coordinator, Community Engaged Learning
Kara Pitts - Graduate Assistant, Community Engaged Learning

Charting the Course: Moving from Volunteerism to Active Citizenship
There are many programs available for college students to volunteer, but KSU encourages leaders to go beyond volunteering and to become active citizens. Through this interactive presentation, participants will explore what it means to be an “active citizen” and travel through the four stages of the Active Citizens Continuum. Time will be given to reflect on your current position on the continuum and to think about how community can become a higher priority in your values and life choices.

Jen Kulics - Associate Vice President, Division of Student Affairs
Maintaining Balance and Avoiding Burnout
The science of happiness can help you succeed. We should be thriving and not merely surviving. You will learn to take a new approach in this session which is slower, softer and more focused on well-being and not faster, harder and just focused on achieving. You will learn simple strategies for attaining happiness and fulfillment to thrive personally and professionally.