Workshops and Trainings

The Kent State Leadership Center offers a variety of workshops and trainings for students. These are offered regularly throughout the semester and can be requested on-demand using the online request form below. Use this menu to explore our signature offerings and outcomes of each workshop. Understanding that leadership is a broad topic, we can also customize a workshop and facilitate it at your next group meeting or event. 

Goal Setting: From Vision to Action

Many people set goals without having a vision for the overall bigger picture. Vision is what drives us as leaders, but how do we take our dreams and see them to fruition? This workshop will discuss not only how to create a vision, but also how to effectively goal set to turn vision into reality.​

(45-60 minutes)

Inclusive Leadership for Student Organization Leaders

Student organizations are an ideal environment for members to grow personally and professionally. However, for them to reach their full potential, we must provide a community that all members feel respected and valued. Inclusive leadership allows us to do just that. This workshop will discuss the goals of inclusive leadership, articulate traits typically associated with inclusive leaders, and identify strategies that we can implement immediately to create a more welcoming environment in our organizations and groups. 

(45-60 minutes)

The Leader in You: Creating Your Personal Leadership Philosophy

As leaders, we are constantly communicating who we are and what we value to those that we are working with. By articulating our personal leadership philosophy (PLP), we gain an understanding of our beliefs about leadership and can improve our overall effectiveness as leaders. This workshop will help you understand the Kent State University leadership model and leadership philosophy and walk you through creating your very own PLP.

(45-60 minutes)

The Leadership Challenge: A Simple Way to Solve Complex Problems

Problem-solving skills are essential in effective leadership practices. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn a simple concept that you can apply to most situations to help your team navigate challenges that may lie ahead.

(45-60 minutes)

The Limit Does Exist: Healthy Boundaries for Student Leaders

Setting effective boundaries is tough. It takes a courageous leader to prioritize themselves and their most precious resource: their time. This workshop will review different types of boundaries and their importance, discuss how to set effective boundaries, explore an area of your life where you might be able to set more effective boundaries, and identify strategies that will help you maintain them.

(45-60 minutes)

Why Can’t We Be Friends: Conflict Management for Student Organizations

Conflict is inevitable, which is why it is critical that we understand how we interpret and manage conflict with our peers and organizations. This workshop will facilitate a dialogue on effective communication and positive conflict resolution in groups and organizations. 

(45-60 minutes)