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Active Learning Techniques 

Think, Pair, Share

  • A short activity where the instructor poses a question, students think about their responses then pair with someone near them to discuss their thinking before sharing out to the class.

Teaching Tools—Think, Pair, Share (PDF)


  • This 20-30 minute cooperative learning activity is where students first work in groups, becoming an expert on a prompt. The students then form inter-mixed groups with an expert from the previous prompt. Intermixed groups then rely on the diverse experts to complete a new prompt.

Teaching Tools—Jigsaw (PDF) 

First Day of Class 

  • This evidence-based resource will help you make the most of your first class and will provide helpful hints to ensure your expectations are transparent to your students and also set the tone for a welcoming learning environment. 

Teaching Tools—First Day of Class (PDF)

Concept Maps 

  • Concept maps are a visualization of knowledge that is organized by relationship between topics. They provide an opportunity for students to make meaningful connections between information; whether that is before, during or after class. This Teaching Tool will provide you with not only the background and basics for implementation but a few variations on implementation that might help this highly effective learning activity to fit best in your course.

Teaching Tools—Concept Maps (PDF)

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