The Blank_Lab functions as a ‘black box’ environment for investigating collaborative experiences that bridge the scope of immersive technologies, including augmented, virtual and extended reality tools. The space is designed to be re-configurable to support both the development and demonstration of projects utilizing these technologies. In all cases, the aspiration is to support group experiences of up to 15 people, regardless of whether users are engaging with AR/VR headsets and/or experimenting with projections to create ‘cave-like’ experiences. The Blank_Lab’s main space has a hung grid ceiling allowing for a hung curtain wall and to support reconfiguration of supporting cameras, projectors, etc. The curtain wall allows for wiring, speakers, and other supporting technologies to be strung behind the wall without visibility to visitors.

Adjacent to the main space, a control room hosts servers and workstations with the capacity to design, edit and support the presentation of these technologies in the main space.

The entire space is light and sound isolated (not sound or light ‘proof’) to support immersive experiences.

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