The DI Hub's XR Lab, also known as the X_Realm, enables the KSU community to design, build, and test immersive experiences using virtual and augmented reality.

The X_Realm houses three VR consoles equipped with HTC Vive headsets, large monitors for spectator viewing, a creation PC with XR development software, and a wide selection of apps for teaching, learning, gaming, and exploring.

Equipment, Features and Services

  • XR development workstation
  • XR console and play area (3)
  • 65” LCD viewing screen (3)
  • HTC Vive Pro2 VR headset (2)
  • HTC Vive Focus 3 VR headset (2)
  • Microsoft HoloLens AR headset (3)
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality headset
  • Ambient gaming lighting