Kent State’s Design Innovation Initiative (DI) is shaping our university to foster collaborative design innovation mindsets in students, researchers and communities near and far. This vision is taking physical shape by bringing together our students, faculty, community and friends under one roof: the DI Hub. Inside the DI Hub, multiple spaces and facilities serve to bring people together to collaborate in ways that are not as easily done in their own departments.

At the core of the DI Hub on the ground floor is the “DI REACTOR.” This multi-faceted makerspace environment hosts a large studio-like gathering space for groups of various sizes to meet and work. In the main studio, there are 10 sets of re-configurable tables, hand and brainstorming tools, table-top laser cutters and 3D printers to support entry-level collaborative making. Connected to the main studio are a series of specific ‘shops’ for collaborative ideation, prototyping and problem-solving.