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Ken Ditlevson

Ken Ditlevson

As the Director of the Kent State University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Student Center, I have an opportunity to do many different things, including working with students, faculty, staff and community members, while also providing strategic direction to  the Center as we work to make Kent the most inclusive place possible for marginalized genders and sexual orientations. On a given day, I may be providing a workshop within a student class, be providing training to faculty and staff, working with our student interns, meeting with students who are needing guidance & support, meeting with parents and families that are seeking assistance, helping to develop new programming efforts, meeting with KSU alum and community members wanting to give back, soliciting funding through grants, fundraisers, and donors, as well as working on campus wide initiatives.  Personally, I believe that I have the best job in the world because of the direct impact on peoples lives, and in helping to change the world to make it easier/better for others.


I am a two-time alumni of Kent State University, which has opened many doors.  Throughout my career, I've worked mainly in social service and mental health services.  Some of my past work experience include working on a crisis hotline, working within a domestic violence shelter, doing home-based individual and family counseling, managing home-based programs that served youth, families, and seniors, directing special programming and new initiatives, developing early childhood and maternal depression programming and interventions, writing and managing grants and large budgets, and supervising many student interns as well as staff and mental health providers.  Throughout my entire 20+ years of working in social service/mental health, I've also volunteered (and continue to volunteer) within the LGBTQ community by serving on boards, writing grants, and developing programming to provide supports.  

Favorite place on the Kent campus:

I love our front campus area, especially all of the older buildings and mature trees.  Most of my undergraduate classes were in Kent Hall, which I'll always hold a special place in my heart!

Best advice to students:

Get involved and stay involved!  Student groups, and volunteer opportunities can open doors to new friends, employment, and other fun opportunities that you wouldn't have encountered if you hadn't taken the risk.

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