Standard Classroom Equipment

Classrooms are all equipped with a computer, VCR/DVD, a medium for display, document cameras, whiteboards, as well as an overhead projector. For assistance with equipment or supplies for classrooms please call (330) 672-2970 or go to the Tech Office (209 White Hall).

If there is something you would like for a class, such as a document camera (also known as a digital presenter), mobile computer lab, SmartBoard, etc., please contact the friendly staff of the IRC and we will do our best to accommodate your classroom needs.

Computer Labs

There are four computer labs for classroom instruction:

  • 203 (Mac/Windows Lab)
  • 205 (Windows Lab)
  • 211 (Windows Lab)
  • 221B (Windows Lab located in the back of the IRC)

Computer labs are available for open lab when not occupied by a class. They also have the same hours of operation as the IRC.

Students are able to use the computer lab in the IRC (221 White Hall) at any time during operating hours. The computers are on a first-come basis. This lab has 15 Dell and 5 Macintosh computers. Also available are 3 scanners and poster printing (cash or check, $6.00 a foot).

All labs have the capability to print to a black and white lab printer (FlashCard at $0.07 a page, cash at $0.10 plus tax a page). The color printer is located in 221 WTH and students need to either email the print job (including how many copies, how they plan to pay, and when they plan to pick them up) to or put the file on a flash drive and bring it to the IRC (cash or check at $0.40 plus tax a page).

For more information about classroom equipment, please contact Julee Henry ( Faculty is asked to go to the Online Scheduler to check availability for labs and then contact a member of the IRC faculty or staff to schedule an open lab.

Portable Devices

Dell Laptop Cart

The Dell cart has 22 laptops. These are delivered and picked up from the classrooms. These laptops will also print to the computer labs/IRC via Uniprint.

MacBook Cart

The MacBook cart has 30 MacBooks. The cart is delivered and picked up from the classrooms. All laptops connect to the internet via wireless cards.

iPad Cart

The iPad cart has 30 iPads. The cart is delivered and picked up from the classrooms.

Assistive Technology Cart

The Assistive Technology cart has 15 Windows laptops total. 2 laptops have the "Dragon" talk-to-text program. There are also 4 large monitors, 15 headphones, and 15 mice.

The mobile carts are ideal when labs are booked but you need computers in your classroom. Mobile carts cannot be reserved for an entire semester. If you need computers on a regular basis, please reserve a classroom computer lab.  To schedule a classroom or a mobile lab please contact a member of the IRC faculty or staff. 330-672-2353 or