Meet Our Tutors

Jessica Godlewski Headshot
Jessica Godlewski

Jessica Godlewski is majoring in Special Education Dual Licensure with a minor in Autism Spectrum Disorder. She enjoys tutoring and loves the opportunity to work with and help others. Jessica says, “I think it is really important that students have a resource to go to for additional assistance and I am happy I am able to provide it for them."





  • Basic Mathematical Concepts I
  • Basic Mathematical Concepts II
  • Intro To Exceptionalities
  • Understanding Architecture
  • Educational Psychology
  • Characteristics:Mild/Mod
  • Characteristics:Mod/Intensive
  • Plan/Program Transitions
  • Inclusive Practices
  • ASD Theory And Diagnosis
  • Effective Use of Phonics in Reading
  • Developmental Reading and Writing in the Early Years
  • Teaching Mathematics in Early and Middle Grades
  • Health Care Needs for Individuals with Disabilities

Nathan Jagodzinski
Nathan Jagodzinski

Nathan Jagodzinski is a junior majoring in Integrated Social Studies. He began tutoring in high school and has been doing it ever since. Nathan loves helping others and seeing them improve. He says, "I think everyone should have the opportunity to succeed throughout their college experience and I am happy to assist and do what I can to help."





  • Human Geography
  • Geography of Europe
  • American Politics
  • World History: Ancient and Medieval
  • World History: Modern
  • Early America: From Pre-Colonization to Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Modern America: Industrialization to Globalization
  • Educational Technology
  • Colloquium in Women's Studies
  • Issues and Trends in Social Studies Education
  • Explorations in Modern Mathematics
  • General Psychology
  • Educational Psychology

Alexis Krizner

Alexis is a junior majoring in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in Science and Language Arts. She loves tutoring and helping students to reach their goals. Alexis says, "I think it's important for students to have a place to go when they are struggling academically and I am happy to be able to help."


  • College Writing I & II
  • World Geography
  • Biodiversity
  • Fundamental English Grammar
  • Linguistics
  • Elementary Italian I
  • Elementary French II
  • Elementary Japanese I
  • Art as a World  Phenomenon
  • Media, Power and Culture
  • Early America: From Pre-Colonization to Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Life on Planet Earth
  • Earth and Life Through Time
  • Intro to Human Communication
  • Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe
  • Basic Algebra I & II