Career and Academic advising certificate

The Career and Academic Advising certificate program, established in 2015, was designed to offer knowledge and skills in the area of career development to meet the needs of students interested in learning more about academic and career advising and/or aspiring to work in academic advising or career services. Additionally, this certificate program is appropriate as professional development for those currently employed in career services settings including academic advisors, counseling supervisors, counselors, career advisors, career specialists, school counselors, workforce development specialists, and others. 

College Teaching Certificate

The College Teaching Certificate, established in 2005, is designed to enhance teaching competencies at the postsecondary level. Certificate graduates say they gained the skills and knowledge to enhance their teaching practice, felt more confident to teach at the college level, and reported an increased confidence in their ability to discuss teaching and learning during job interviews.

Internationalization of Higher Education Certificate

For individuals who are interested in learning about internationalization of higher education to strengthen his or her teaching, administrative leadership, or employability in the areas of international affairs in colleges and university settings, this professional certificate program will serve their needs and purposes. 

Institutional Research and Assessment Certificate

The Institutional Research and Assessment certificate (18 credit hours) is focused on enhancing knowledge and skills development in the areas of higher education assessment, institutional research, technology, and the organization of higher education. At this time, the Institutional Research and Assessment certificate is available only in face-to-face classes at the Kent Campus.

Community College Leadership Certificate

The Community College Leadership certificate is designed to prepare and enhance the skills of administrators, staff, and faculty in community colleges and regional campuses to meet the leadership challenges posed by social, political, and economic changes.