GA Days



Applications for GA Days/Admission for the fall semester are due by December 1st. On a space available basis, we will consider applications for the spring and summer.

GA Days for 2023 will occur February 19 - 20, 2023.

GA Days is a two-day event held each year during the spring semester. This event is the third phase in a comprehensive admissions process in which the candidates for admissions to the M.Ed. program come to Kent State University, meet the faculty and current students, learn more about the program, and interview for prospective graduate assistantship positions. Candidates invited to GA Days have already gone through two other admissions phases—the application to the program and the interview. Candidates are only interviewed if their applications meet criteria set forth by the program and graduate admissions.

Only those candidates who are matched with a graduate assistantship position as a result of GA Days are advanced for final admission to the program. If a candidate does not receive an eventual match to a graduate assistantship position at any time following GA Days (from mid-February through July before fall classes begin), then that candidate is not considered to be admitted to the M.Ed. Program. A 20-hour per week graduate assistantship position is required in order to be admitted to the M.Ed. program.

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