College Teaching Certificate FAQ

Does the College Teaching Certificate offer rolling admissions?

Yes. We have rolling admissions and you can begin classes for the program in any semester. Most classes are offered in the fall and spring, with an occasional class offered during the summer. 

Can I complete the College Teaching Certificate online?

No. Courses are currently offered in-person at the Kent campus only.

Can I complete the College Teaching Certificate in one semester?

No. Some courses are only offered once every other academic year. Additionally, the Internship in College Teaching may only be completed upon conclusion of coursework.

Do I need to be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program to be admitted to the College Teaching Certificate?

No, you do not need to be a degree-seeking student to enroll in the College Teaching Certificate; however, this is a post-master's certificate program and you must possess a master's degree at the time of enrollment. 

Do I have to take the GRE for admission to the College Teaching Certificate?

No, the GRE is not required for admission to the College Teaching Certificate. 

Am I able to utilize financial aid to help pay for tuition?

Please reach out to the Office of Student Financial Aid for assistant in determining your financial aid eligibility (

Current tuition rates are posted online at

What is a Plan of Study and when should it be submitted?

The Plan of Study identifies the courses the student will take during the certificate program. Once the plan has been completed (with signatures), it must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Student Services (418 White Hall) no later than the beginning of the student's second semester of coursework.

I am looking to make a career change. Will I be qualified to teach at the collegiate level after completion of this certificate?

It depends. The certificate does not provide any disciplinary knowledge; the assumption is that you already possess, or are working toward, the appropriate disciplinary credential necessary for college-level teaching in your field. Instructor and faculty positions at most institutions usually require a doctorate in the field in which you will be teaching, although there are some exceptions for practitioner-oriented fields. The certificate serves as a credential to support your commitment to effective teaching at the college level. We encourage you to consult with current faculty members in your discipline at the type of institution at which you would like to teach to determine what additional qualifications you might need.