The National Student Speech, Language, Hearing Association chapter at Kent State is a National NSSLHA-affiliated organization. NSSLHA is the only ASHA-recognized student organization. Kent State NSSLHA is an amazing way for students studying communication sciences and disorders (at Kent, that’s speech pathology and audiology) to get involved and to meet others in the major. Meetings include guest speakers ranging from SLPs to graduate students, presentations, and activities. 

Executive Board Members

President: Jayla Hartmann Starks

Vice President: Maggie Conley

Treasurer: Tomi Ross

Secretary: Jenna Faber

Diversity Outreach: Sarah Scheck

Public Relations: Emma Bridges

Stay Connected

  • Instagram: @kentstatensslha 
  • Twitter: @kentstatensslha 
  • Facebook: Kent State NSSLHA
  • Email: kentstatensslha@gmail.com
  • National NSSLHA Instagram: @national_nsslha

If you are interested in joining NSSLHA, contact Secretary Jenna Faber at jfaber1@kent.edu.