AIREO Research Topics:

Audet: SCERTS and HighScope Curriculum Integration into a Model Preschool Setting (Fed. Grant awarded to Hattie Larlham Research Institute)

Audet & Burgess: Expressive Language Development; Pragmatic Complexity as Correlated with Language Development.       

Burgess & Audet: Evaluating Characteristics of the Home and School Language Environments of Preschool Aged Children with ASD. (URC Grant awarded to Sloane Burgess)

Burgess, Devine, Audet: Innovative Independent Living Project (Cleveland Foundation Grant Awarded to Project LEAP)

Devine  & Audet: Development of Curriculum for College Bound High School Children with  ASD.

Devine & Audet: Addressing the social, academic, and support needs of college students with HFA/AS (URC Grant awarded to Lisa Audet)

Audet & Devine: Inclusion Films – examining the efficacy of the use of film making on career exploration, independent living, social development, and life skill development in an inclusive context for youth, adolescents, & young adults with and without HFA/AS, TBI, ADHD