McAfee Drive Encryption

McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE) is the Windows based security that the entire university is using for all Faculty and Staff Windows machines.  It is called a pre-boot security because you have to authenticate with MDE when the computer first starts up- before you are able to log into Windows.  There are three steps that need to be taken to be allowed to log into computers with MDE.

  1.  Put in a tech ticket with the full name, email address, department and banner id of the new user that needs to have access to log into computers with MDE.
  2.  After we respond letting you know the new person has been given permission, follow the steps in this document.
  3.  There are two ways to sync the new person to the university purchased Windows computer.  
  • Leave the computer on and give it time to sync.  
  • Force the computer to sync by following the instructions outlined in this link

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to enter a Tech Ticket.