Josh Malone: Nationwide Insurance

Josh Malone, '24

Internship: Technology Engineer at Nationwide

Emerging Media and Technology major Josh Malone, ’24, is a technology engineer intern at Nationwide Insurance. There, he is working on deploying Windows servers for the company's business areas. Thanks to Emerging Media and Technology classes in modern web application development and cloud infrastructure, he came in with sharp technical skills, which "has helped prepare me for many of the technical tasks that are presented to me in the day-to-day work of my internship," he says.

Additionally, courses like Children's Literature in Augmented Reality and Project Management and Team Dynamics prepared him for teamwork and collaboration — something required for many jobs in tech. 

Josh says interning at Nationwide has taught him new skills and given him a better idea of where he wants his future career to lead him.

"This has given me confidence that with proper time and technical training, I can be successful in a multitude of disciplines within information technology," Josh says.