Assessment of University Service/Citizenship

All Faculty are expected to contribute some participation in service activities to the Campus including serving on one standing committee. A Faculty member demonstrates meritorious accomplishment in University Service/Citizenship by:

  • Participating on a regular basis in Faculty governance, at the Campus, department/school/independent college, academic college and/or University levels as appropriate with the Faculty member’s status and rank;
  • Providing significant service to the Campus, department/school/independent college, academic college and/or University, ordinarily by making several modest contributions to various projects that help the Campus to fulfill its educational and community engagement missions, or by making a major contribution to one (1) such project;
  • Demonstrating Campus leadership commensurate with rank, ordinarily by serving effectively as an officer or chair of a standing or ad-hoc campus committee, or by providing significant service to a department/school/independent college, academic college, Regional Campuses or University committee, on a consistent basis after tenure has been awarded;
  • Fulfilling the terms of the workload equivalency policy, in cases when the Faculty member has received a workload equivalency to perform University citizenship duties (e.g., service as Faculty Chair, Writing Coordinator), by making contributions that require an expenditure of time roughly equivalent to the time that would otherwise be devoted to teaching, and by demonstrating that these contributions are of a quality roughly equivalent to that expected of the Faculty member’s instructional responsibilities;
  • Participating in recruitment and retention activities.

Any Campus or University citizenship activities that were awarded a workload equivalency, payment/salary, or an honorarium included in the merit application must also include the amount of workload equivalency, payment/salary, or honorarium received.  For example, load for Faculty Chair, coordinators, etc., must be listed.