Student proficiency in coursework is graded by letters, pluses and minuses, and assigned quality points (See Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs for details).  Other academic grades and administrative marks given are AU, IN, IP, NF, NR, SF, S, U, W, Y, and Z.  For a definition of these designations, refer to the current University catalogs.

Faculty members must inform students of their progress throughout the semester.  Grades are a faculty member's responsibility and should be assigned fairly and objectively.  Submission of final grades must comply with University Policy, including but not limited to the deadline for the timely submission of grades.  Failure of faculty members to provide grades in compliance with University Policy will be taken into consideration in reappointment, promotion, tenure and Faculty Excellence Awards decisions.  Students have a right to inspect the written work performed during a course and discuss the grade with the faculty member.  Grade book records used in determining grades should be retained by the faculty member for five (5) years after final grades are submitted.

Faculty members must enter student grades through Flashline at .

Midterm grades must be entered for students as mandated by University Policy.  Faculty members must enter final grades at the end of the semester/summer session.  Faculty will be notified of the available times for entering student grades.