Assignment to instructional overloads for faculty (for additional compensation) is neither a regular expectation nor an obligation of employment of a faculty member.  An overload occurs when a person exceeds the expected number of hours for the faculty member’s position.  Overload payment for tenure-track Faculty is made on the basis of the appropriate percentage of the Faculty member's base annual contract salary (1/24 of base annual contract salary for each workload credit hour.)  Non-tenure-track faculty are paid in accordance with the current Overload and Summer Schedule then in effect.

In instances in which an overload assignment is made by the Campus Dean, the assignment normally may not exceed one (1) additional course for a semester, nor may overload compensation for an academic year exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of a Faculty member's base academic year salary.  Exceptions to this rule are rare and will occur at the discretion of the Campus Dean.

Probationary Faculty members are generally not assigned to teach overload during any academic year prior to being awarded tenure in the Regional Campus System.