Regional Campus Mission Statement

The mission of the Regional Campuses System is to make the resources of Kent State University accessible to the citizens of Northeast Ohio.  The University’s regional campuses are also charged with the task of delivering a wide variety of area-specific technical education and training to the communities they serve.  Finally, delivering programs and services that enhance business and employment opportunities in a time of economic transition is an integral part of the mission of the Regional Campus System.  The regional campuses carry out this mission through the efforts of a faculty committed to the highest standards in scholarship, teaching, and university service/citizenship.  Faculty members actively pursue a variety of creative endeavors, regularly contribute to the scholarship in their disciplines, take pride in their continuing pedagogical successes, and are recognized by the wider University community with teaching and professional development awards.  Regional campus faculty members are visible citizens in the communities they serve, as well as at every level of University governance.

Regional campuses have an open enrollment policy and an expanding post-secondary enrollment option program.  Many are “nontraditional” students:  people returning to the classroom after having begun or raised a family; manufacturing and business workers in need of retraining in the face of economic change; bright, motivated young students earning college credit while still in high school.  For the “traditional” student, the regional campuses offer the first and second years of coursework leading to the bachelor’s degree in more than 150 major fields.

Each of the regional campuses – Ashtabula, East Liverpool, Geauga, Salem, Stark, Trumbull, and Tuscarawas – is an integral part of the community it serves, whether through the promotion of fine arts and humanities, the extensive offering of continuing education courses and programs, the enhancement of primary and secondary education, the development of carefully-crafted associate’s degree programs, the offering of selected upper-division and graduate course work, a wide variety of partnerships with business and industry, the leadership in the development of distance learning technology, or as a first step – close to home – towards the goal of a four-year baccalaureate degree at Kent State University.  The Regional Campus System is itself an integral part of Kent State University, advancing the mission of the University by delivering its programs and services throughout Northeast Ohio.