Redefining HERstory

Redefining HERstory is a campus based educational and social action campaign developed by Truth In Reality, a 501 (c) 3 media advocacy organization fiscally sponsored by the Vera Institute of Justice. The goal of the program is to challenge students on their existing belief systems around domestic violence and sexual violence and redefine the predominately negative existing media narrative of Black women by using the media messaging on reality television as the basis for this conversation.

Redefining HERstory empowers students with media literacy tools that will enable them to think critically about their media consumption habits; educate them about domestic violence, bullying and sexual violence; expose them to women of color from all walks of life whose achievements have redefined our COLLECTIVE history; and provide them with an opportunity to create and promote their individual real-life counter narratives to the prevailing negative depiction of women of color on reality television. 

To get involved at Kent State University, contact one of the Kent State's Campus Coordinators:
Roslynn Porch
Alicia Robinson
Christopher Hicks