Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Activism in the anti-gender violence movement goes back the 1940 and 50's where black women led the efforts in voicing the intersections of race and gender based violence.  More wide activism around sexual violence began in the 1970's.  This era founded the first rape crisis center in San Francisco in 1971 and the first Take Back the Night march held in 1978.  In 1993, the first authorization of the Violence Against Women Act was passed after over a decade of activism by survivors and advocates.  While awareness events such as marches and speak outs were widely held during the month of April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month wasn't officially recognized until 2001.

Kent State has been recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month since the early 2000's and has hosted events including Take Back the Night Walks, Men's March Against Violence, Speakers such as Tarana Burke  Katie Koestner and Movie Screenings such as "The Hunting Ground" and "The Voiceless."  Additionally each April, there are opportunities for survivors to speak out and come together in healing and support.

Events for 2023



Additionally on Tuesdays throughout the month we will host virtual Teal Tuesdays.  Please wear teal and share on social media to show your support for survivors. #SAAMKSU2022