Completed Dissertations since 1966

Completed Dissertations Since 1966


Yunhe Wu, "Becoming Chinese American Men: Chinese Manhood and Defining American Citizenship in California, 1865 to 1919"

Susan Ziki, "'They came a long way:' The history and emotions of market women in Zimbabwe, 1960s to present"


Passmore Chishaka, "The Traditional Dimension of Development: Climate Change, Farming, and Landscape in Lowveld Regions of Zimbabwe, 1930-Present"


Jacob C. House, "Arguing For Civilization: The West in Conservative Imagination Across the Twentieth Century"

Christian M. Lengyel, "Greenbacks and Greybacks: Iconographic Depictions of Union and Confederate Nationalism on Civil War-Era Currency"

Nicholas S. Mays, "'What We Got To Say': Rap and Hip-Hop's Black Freedom Struggle Against the National War on Drugs Campaign"


Stephanie Jannenga, "Making College Colonial: The Transformation of English Culture in Higher Education in Pre-Revolutionary America"


Joel Baehler, “Always Worth the Trouble: Stephen Donaldson, Gay Identity, and Citizenship in the United States, 1966 to 1996”

Michael Goodnough, “‘Shifting Faster Than the Colors of a Spinning Mirrored Globe’: Health, Fitness, Dieting, and Antimodernism in American Culture and Thought, 1973-1984”


Michele Curran Cornell, “Romanticizing Patriarchy: Patriotic Romance and American Military Marriages during World War II”

David Demaree, “Consuming Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln’s Western Manhood in the Urban Northeast, 1848-1861”

Aaron Pride, “Religious Ideology in Racial Protest, 1901-1934: The Origins of African Neo-Abolitionist Christianity in the Religious Thought of William Monroe Trotter and in the Public Rhetoric of the Boston Guardian in the Struggle for Civil Rights”

Robert Sidwell, “Sacrificing for the Lost Cause: General Robert E. Lee’s Personal Staff”


Denise Jension, "In Accordance with the Best  Traditions of American Democracy': Arab Americans, Zionists, and the Debate over Palestine, 1940-1948."


Bryan Kvet, "Red and Wite on the Silver Screen: The Shifting Meaning and Use of American Indians in Hollywood Films from the 1930s to the 1970s"

John Mercer, "Giles Waldo Shurtleff: A Biography of Oberlin's Favorite Son"

Stephanie Vincent, “‘An Ancient Industry in a Modern Age’: The Growth an Struggles of the American Pottery Industry, 1870-2015”


Matthew Brundage, "Where We Would Extend the Moral Power of Our Civilization: American Cultural and Political Foreign Relations with China, 1843-1856"

Hans-Henning Bunge, "Germany's Cultural Ideology of Bildung, 1870-1945"

Jeff O'Leary, "Manufacturing Reality: The Display of the Irish at World's Fairs and Exhibitions, 1983 to 1965"

Leon Perkowski, "In The Shadow of Vietnam: The Politics and Discourse of U.S. Troop Withdrawals from Korea, 1969-1979"

Molly Sergi, "Witness to Death: The Journal of Emily Nash, Nineteenth-Century Geauga County Professional Mourner"

Heidi Weber, "Power, Prestige, and Influence of the Nineteenth-Century Upcountry Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina Cotton Planters and Their Appropriation of The Greek Revival House"


Melissa Steinmetz, “National Insecurity in the Nuclear Age: Cold War Manhood and the Gendered Discourse of U.S. Survival, 1945-1960”


Kim Carey, “Straddling the Color Line: Social and Political Power of African American Elites in Charleston, New Orleans, and Cleveland, 1880-1920”

Gregory Jones, ”They Fought the War Together: Southeastern Ohio's Soldiers and Their Families During the Civil War”

Timothy Wintour, “The Buck Starts Here: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Politics from World War to Cold War, 1941-1951”


Erika Briesacher,  “Cultural Currency: Notgelt, Nordische Woche, and the Nordische Geseelschaft”

Steve Haynes, “An Alternative Vision: The United States, Latin America, and the League of Nations, 1921-1922” (Recipient of the Ohio Academy of History Dissertation Award 2014)

Chad Lower, “The Political Ideology of Connecticut's Standing Order”

Julie Mujic, “Between Campus and War: Students, Patriotism, and Education at Midwestern Universities during the American Civil War”


Kurt Eberly, "Pennsylvanians, Foreign Relations, and Politics, 1775-1790"

Brenda Faverty, “Honor and Gender in the Antebellum Plantation South”

Miriam Kahn, “Werner and His Empire: The Rise and Fall of a Gilded Age Printer”

Matthew Phillips, “The Millennium and the Madhouse: Institution and Intervention in Woodrow Wilson's Progressive Statecraft”


Flaschka, Monika J., "Race, Rape, and Gender in Nazi-Occupied Territories."

McFarland, Kelly M., "All about the Wordplay: Gendered and Orientalist Language in U.S.-Egyptian Foreign Relations, 1952-1961."

Nalmpantis, Kyriakos, "Time on the Mountain: The Office of Strategic Services in Axis-Controlled Greece, 1943-1944."


Boaz, Rachel Oley, "The Search for 'Aryan Blood': Seroanthropology in Weimar and National Socialist Germany."

Bowden, Robin L., "Diagnosing Nazism: U.S. Perceptions of National Socialism, 1920-1933."

McMurry, Philip M., "Civilian Education and the Preparation for Service and Leadership in Antebellum America, 1845-1860."

Walker, John Richard, "Bracketing the Enemy: Forward Observers and Combined Arms Effectiveness during the Second World War."


Manchester, Andrea,  "Chronicling the English Reformation: The Historical Works of Richard Grafton."

Selby, Kelly D., "The 27th United States Colored Troops: Ohio Soldiers and Veterans."


Hartline, Todd A., "The Development and Identity of a Small Town Department Store: The Garver Bros. Co., Strasburg, Ohio, 1866-1970."

Keefer, Bradley S., "Constructing Memories of the 'River of Death': Conflict, Landscape, and the Impact of the Spanish-American War on the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Park


Forster, Jennifer, "Politics, Prophecy, and Propaganda in Early Modern England."

Kopper, Kevin, "Arthur St. Clair and the Struggle for Power in the Old Northwest, 1774, 1803."

Koshan, James E., "'We Hold the Center of the Line of Battle': The IWW, Immigrant Labor, and Industrial Unionism in the Pittsburgh District, 1909-1913.


McCombs, W. Douglas, "The Great Outdoors of God: William H. H. Murray and Changing Nineteenth-Century American Views."


Guy, James F., The Public Life of a Private Man: Samuel Ward, 1725-1776."

Weimer, Daniel, "Seeing Drugs: The American Drug War, Thailand, and Burma, 1970-1975."


Cherok, Richard J., "Debating for Good: Alexander Campbell's Challenge to Skepticism in Antebellum America."

Wentling, Sonja P., "Ambivalence and Ambiguity: The Hoover Administration and American Zionism."


Barr, Daniel P., "Contested Land: Competition and Conflict Along the Upper Ohio Frontier, 1744-1784."

Levine, Stephen, "Race, Culture, and Art: Theodore Roosevelt and the Nationalist Aesthetic."

Settje, David, "Has the Tiger Changed Its Stripes? Lutheran Responses to the Cold War, Fears of Internal Communist Threats, and The Vietnam War, 1964-1975."

Taylor, Lenette, "A Union Quartermaster in the Field: Captain Simon Perkins, Jr. in the Nashville Depot."


St. John, Anne, "Self and the Dilemma of Allegiance in England, 1640-1650."

Towles, Robert L., "The Tears of Autumn: Air Assault Operations and Infantry Combat in the Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam, November 1965."


Coffing, Karen, "Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Ohio Women Convicted of Insanity, 1874-1940.

Hermann, Kenneth, "Shrinking From the Brink: Asa Gray and the Challenge of Darwinism, 1853-1868."

Johnson, Freddie, "The Tracks of War: Confederate Strategic Rail Policy and the Struggle for the Baltimore and Ohio."
Klees, Juneann, "John Bull Rhetoric in American Politics: Northern Political Culture and the Use of Great Britain in Civil War Politics."

Matej, Alice, "From Socialism to Solidarity: The Political History of District 54 International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers."


Gray, Michael lP., "The Business of Captivity in the Chemung Valley: Elmira and Its Civil War Prisons."

Green, Jay D., "Africa Rediviva: Northern Methodism and the Task of African Redemption, 1885-1910."

Liedel, Leslie L., "Indomitable Nuns and a Determined Bishop: Property Rights, Women Religious, and Diocesan Power in Nineteenth-Century Cleveland."


McDevitt, Theresa R., "Fighting for the Soul of America: The History of the United States Christian Commission."

Melinchok, Michael E., "Eagles for the Allies: Recruiting American Volunteers for the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force, 1939-1945."

Whynot, Wyndham E., "Architect of a Modern Air Force: W. Stuart Symington's Role in the Institutional Development of the National Defense Establishment, 1946-1950."


Dabrowski, John R., "The United States, NATO and the Spanish Bases, 1949-1989."

Rokicky, Catherine M., "Christian Statesman and Reformer: James Monroe of Oberlin, 1821-1898."


Jessup, Benjamin L., "The Career of Paul V. McNutt."

Koerting, Gayla M., "The Trial of Henry Wirz and Nineteenth Century Military Law."


Ballard, Jack L., "General Joseph Hooker: A New Biography."

Brown, Elsa Barkley, "Uncle Ned's Children: Negotiating Community and Freedom in Post Emancipation Richmond, Virginia."

Kaufman, Paul L., "'Logical' Luther Lee and the Methodist War Against Slavery."

Mahl, Thomas E., "'48 Land': The United States, British Intelligence and World War II."

Vourlogianis, George N., "The Cleveland Grays: An Urban Military Company, 1837-1919."


Daley, John L. S., "Lessons Learned: The Development of the U.S. Army's Armored Doctrine, 1917-1945."

Hromiko, Lillian (Deceased), "Sir John Thynne of Longleat: The Art of Survival in the Politically Turbulent Mid-Tudor Period."

Saha, Santosh C., "The Romance of Nationhood: An Investigation of the Attitudes of Educated Africans Toward Liberia, 1847-1980."

True, Anna W., "NATO After All! Konrad Adenauer's Diplomatic Efforts to Rearm Western Germany, 1954-1955."


Giannuli, Dimitri, "American Philanthropy in the Near East: Relief to the Ottoman Greek Refugees, 1922-23."

Morton, Julia J., "Trusting to Luck: Ambrose E. Burnside and the American Civil War."

Snyder, Sidney R., "The Role of the International Working Group in the Creation of the North Atlantic Treaty: December 1947-April 1949."


Boia, Eugene, "Romania's Diplomatic Relations with Yugoslavia in the Interwar Period, 1919 to 1941."

Dixon, David, "Intrepid Soldier: The Life and Military Career of George Alexander Forsyth."

Kearnery, Reginald, "Afro-American Views of the Japanese, 1900-1945."

Poluse, Martin F., "Archbishop Joseph Schrembs and the 20th Century Catholic Church in Cleveland, 1921-1945."


Hudson, Leonne, "The Life and Career of Gustavus Woodson Smith."

Rosenberg, Victor, "When the Weather Clears: Soviet-American Relations, 1953-1955."

Taylor, Roger, "The Edwardian Reformation, 1547-1553: A Study of the Clerical Reformers' Vision for the Church of England and English Society."


Davis, Leroy, "John Hope of Atlanta."

Lindsey, Donal, "Indian Education at the Hampton Institute, 1877-1923."


Suit, William, "Tom Loftin Johnson, Businessman Reformer."


Kellner, Kathleen F. A., "Broker of Power: General Lyman Lemnitzer, 1946-1969."

Rozman, Sr. Mary Claude, "Master of Nineteenth Century Railroad Management: The Life of John Henry Devereux."


Henstridge, Steve A., "The United States, The Soviet Union, and the North Atlantic Treaty, 1948-1949."

Minor, Margaret S., "Female Peers During the Reign of James I"

Salem, Dorothy, "To Better Our World: Black Women in Organized Reform, 1890-1920."


Endres, Kathleen, "The Power of the Tradition, The Potential for Change: The Women of Cleveland, 1850-1890."

Kesler, John C., "Spruille Braden as a Good Neighbor: The Latin American Policy of the United States, 1933-1947."

Kuehl, Marshall, "Philip C. Jessup: From America First to Cold War Interventionist."

Parthenakis, Thomas, "George M. Humphrey, Secretary of the Treasury: A Political Biography."

Strong, Daniel, "The Life and Age of Justice William Strong."

Uzoechi, Innocent, "The Social and Political Impact of the Eastern Nigerian Railway on Udi Division, 1913-1945."


Schmidt, Amy Geoghegan, "The Croatian Peasant Party in Yugoslav Politics, 1905-1945."


Manetas, Linda Vroman (Spencer), "The Evolution of Resource Use and Allocation in Waltham Forest During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries."

Vanderstel, David, "The Dutch of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1848-1900: Immigrant Neighborhood and Community Development in a Nineteenth Century City."

VanRaaphorst, Donna, "The Unionization Movement Among Domestic Workers in the United States, 1868-1940."


Doyle, Richard, "The Socio-Economic Mobility of the Dutch Immigrants to Pella, Iowa, 1847-1925."

Jurkovic, Lynne D., "The Life and Diplomatic Career of Eleanor Lansing Dulles."

Ostholdm, Hakon, "The First Year of the Korean War: The Road Toward Armistice."

Patrick, John J., "John Sherman: The Early Years."

Reed, Christopher, "A Study of Black Politics and Protest in Depression Decade Chicago, 1930-1939."

Rubin, Anna H., "Sholom Aleichem: The Author as Social Historian."


Bills, Scott, "Cold War Rimlands: The United States and the Politics of Colonialism, 1945-1949."

Blunk, Laura A., "To Consider the Needs of Men: Viennese Workers in the 1848 Revolution."

Cardinal, Eric J., "The Democratic Party of Ohio and the Civil War: An Analysis of a Wartime Political Minority."

Mahoney, Leo J., "A History of the War Department Scientific Intelligence Mission (ALSOS), 1943-1945."

Smith, E. Timothy, "The United States, Italy and NATO: A Study of Italian-American Relations, 1948-1952."

Tillery, Tyrone, "Claude McKay: Man and Symbol of the Harlem Renaissance, 1889-1948."


DeBlasio, Donna M., "'Her Own Society': The Life and Times of Betsy Mix Cowles, 1810-1876."

Lash, Jeffrey N., "Stephen Augustus Hurlbut: A Military and Diplomatic Politician, 1815-1881."

Pendle, Frank, "Land Settlement and Development Problems in Southwestern Upper Canada, 1791-1867."

Schroder, Alan, "A Quantitative Study of the Effect of the Credit System of Public Land Sales on the Economic Growth of Ohio 1801-1832."

SoRelle, James M., "The Darker Side of 'Heaven': The Black Community in Houston, Texas, 1917-1945."


Herubel, Jean-Pierre, "The Eternal Silence: André Malraux and Aesthetic Religion."

Hine, William C., "Black Political Leadership and the Republican Party in Reconstruction Charleston, S.C., 1865-1877."

Kaplan, Helga E., "Century Adjustment: A History of the Akron Jewish Community, 1865-1975."

Kronemeyer, Ronald J., "Matter and Meaning: Dualism in Seventeenth Century English Scientific Thought."

McDuffie, Jerone, "Politics in Wilmington and New Hanover County, North Carolina: The Genesis of a Race Riot, 1865-1900."

Price, William E., "A Study of a Frontier Community in Transition: The History of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, 1750-1800."

Sauer, Harold, "The Evolution of Austrian Progressive Conservatism to 1792."

Taylor, Robert M., "The Family Connection: Kinship Structure and Strategy in Nineteenth Century Rural America."

Yaung, Emily J., "The Impact of the Yalta Agreement on China's Domestic Politics (Yalta & China)."


Cassimatis, Louis P., "Greek-American Relations, 1917-1929."

Doezema, William, "Maneuvering with the System: Railroad Responses to State and Federal Regulation, 1870-1916."

Hennessey, Melinda Martin, "To Live and Die in Dixie: Reconstruction Race Riots in the South

Moore, A. Gregory, "Theodore Roosevelt and China, 1901-1909."

Rausch, David A., "Proto-Fundamentalism's Attitude Toward Zionism, 1878-1918."

Sapp, Steven P., "America's Role in the Rebirth of France: Jefferson Caffery and American-French Relations, 1944-1949."


Chapman, Anne, "Granges and Other Lands of Robertsbridge Abbey."

Santa Maria, Phillip, "The Question of Elementary Education in the Third State Duma, 1907-1912."

Shotliff, Don A., "The History of the Labor Movement in the American Pottery Industry: The National Brotherhood of Operative Potters-International Brotherhood of Operative Potters, 1890-1970."


Burton, William J., "Hellish Fiends and Brutish Men: Amerindian-Euroamerican Interaction in Southern New England, An Interdisciplinary Analysis, 1600-1750."

Geary, James W., "A Lesson in Trial and Error: The U.S. Congress and the Civil War Draft, 1862-1865."

Goliber, Thomas J., "Philip Schaff (1819-1893): A Study in Conservative Biblical Criticism."

Moskovits, Shlomo, "The United States Recognition of Israel in the Context of the Cold War, 1945-1948."

Neal, P. Diane, "Benjamin Ryan Tillman: The South Carolina Years, 1847-1894."

Queenan, Thomas J., "The Public Career of George White, 1905-1941."

Rosenthal, Harvey D., "Their Day in Court: A History of the Indian Claims Commission."

Williams, Chris, "U.S. Relations with Liberia, 1940-1960."


Bittle, William G., "James Nayler: A Study in 17th Century Quakerism."

Dodge, Robert J., "The History of South Bass Island (Put-in-Bay): One of the Lake Erie Islands."

Harrold, Stanley C., "Gamaliel Bailey, Abolitionist and Free Soiler."

Hine, Darlene Clark, "The NAACP and the Destruction of the Democratic White Primary, 1924-1944."

Masloff, Clement S., "Peasant Disorders and the Russian Moderate Left, 1905-1907."

Floyd, James R., "The Federal Muse: A Study of Executive Initiative in Federal Participation in the Arts, 1933-1943."

Goliber, Sue Helder, "Marguerite Durand: A Study in French Feminism."

Sadeghi, Khosrow, "A Glance at the Tehran Conference of 1943."

Sosnowski, Thomas C., "The French Church at Mid-Century: An Analysis of Religious Attitudes in the Popular Literature of the Fronde."

Stegh, Leslie, "Wet and Dry Battles in the Cradle State of Prohibition: Robert Bulkley and the Repeal of Prohibition in Ohio."


DeGroot, Peter T., "Myth and Reality in American Policy Toward China Study: The Patrick J. Hurley Mission, 1944-1945."

Kremm, Thomas W., "The Rise of the Republican Party in Cleveland, 1848-1860."

Nichols, John A., "The History and Catulary of the Cistercian Nuns of Marham Abbey, England (1249-1536)."

Stout, Harry S., "Remigration and Revival: Two Case Studies in the Social and Intellectual History of New England, 1630-1745."

Weiner, Ronald R., "Planning and Land Use Decisions in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area, 1880-1930."


Eaton, James W., "Archibald Prentice: A Case Study in Radicalism."

Furdell, Elizabeth, "Sir John Allen and the City of London, 1520 – 1547."

Gibbs, William E., "Spandework Diplomacy: U. S. – Mexican Relations During the Hayes Administration, 1877 – 1881."

Grimmett, Richard F., "The Politics of Containment: The President, the Senate and the American Foreign Policy, 1947-1956."

McQuilkin, David K., "Soviet Attitudes Towards China, 1919 – 1927."

Ruddy, Thomas Michael, "Charles E. Bohlen and the Soviet Union."

Wye, Christopher, "Midwest Ghetto: Patterns of Negro Life and Thought in Cleveland, Ohio 1929-1945."


Cadzow, John F., "The Lithuanian Question in the Third State Duma."

Conklin, Robert D., "Politics and Politicians in Baden and Bavaria, 1915-1848: A Socio-Political Comparison of Landtag Deputies."

Dukes, Eugene D., "Majic and Witchcraft in the Age of the Church Fathers' Graves."

Ewing, M. Robert, "A History of Archaeological Activity at Chichen-itza From the Discovery to the President."

Hatzenbuehler, Ronald L., "Foreign Policy Voting in the U.S. Congress, 1808-1812."

Jirran, Raymond J., "Cleveland and the Negro Following World War II."

Steinberg, Arthur, "The Kholm Question in the Russian State, 1906-1912."

Sundstrom, Roy A., "Aid and Assimilation: A Study of the Economic Support Given French Protestants in England, 1680-1727."

Vazzano, Frank P., "Hayes, Congress, and the Resurrection of Presidential Authority."

Werne, Joseph R., "Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Misilla Controversy."


Beelen, George D., "Harding and Mexico: Diplomacy by Economic Persuasion."

Corr, John Bernard, "The Political Economy of William Rathbone Greg."

Eaton, Reed R., "The Public Career of Stephen Girard."

Froehlich, Richard C., "The United States Navy and Diplomatic Relations with Brazil, 1822-1871."

Haney, James E., "Theodore Roosevelt and Afro-Americans, 1901-1912."

Linville, Lyle E., "Jacques Bainville: His Political Life and Thought in the Era of the Great War."

Linville, Twila M. (Deceased), "The Public Life of Jonathan Russell."

Presda, John L., "N. K. Bunge and Russian Economic Development, 1881-1886."

Rankin, Samuel H., "Conservatism and the Problem of Change in the Congregational Churches of Connecticut, 1660-1760."


Banks, James G., "Strom Thurmond and the Revolt Against Modernity."

Dreifort, John E., "Yvon Delbos and the Formulation of French Foreign Policy During the Front Populaire, 1936-1938."

Dunn, Dennis J., "Stalinism and the Vatican."

Furdell, William J., "Cordell Hull and the London Economic Conference of 1933."

McKale, Donald M., "The Nazi Party Courts: Efforts at Discipline and Unity, 1926-1934."

Sterrett, James H., "A History of 'Beechwoods,' a Farming and Mining Community in western Pennsylvania."

Sweeney, Jerry K., "United States' Policy Toward Portugal, 1940-1945."

Traina, Michael J., "Lenin, Religion and the Russian Orthodox Church: An Analysis of Theory and Practice."


Ferroni, Charles D., "The Italians in Cleveland: A Study in Assimilation."

May, Joseph, "John Forster Dulles and the European Defense Community."

Mazuzan, George, "Warren R. Austin: The Liberal Internationalists and United States Foreign Policy."

Muncie , John G., "The Struggle to Obtain Federal Aid for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 1940-1965."


Dabrowski, Stanislaw, "The Peace Treaty of Riga, 1921."

Gerome, Frank, "The United States-Mexican Relations During the Initial Years of the Mexican Revolution."

Mazzaferri, Anthony, "Public Health and the Mexican Social Revolution."

Wright, Richard (deceased), "History of the American Ship Building Company and Its Predecessors."


DeCola, Thomas Guido, "Roosevelt and Mussolini: The Critical Years…1938-1941."

Woehrmann, Paul John, "Fort Wayne, Indiana Territory, 1794-1819."


Smith, Thomas, "The Senatorial Career of Atlee Pomerene of Ohio."