B.A. in History

Minimum 120 total hours, 36 hours of Major Program Requirements

Introductory History (12)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History requires 36 hours of major program coursework. These hours include 12 hours of introductory history, all of which meet the University Diversity Requirement:

  • HIST 11050  History of Civilization I
  • HIST 11051 History of Civilization II
  • HIST 12070  History of the United States: The Formative Period
  • HIST 12071 History of the United States: The Modern Period

Writing Intensive (3)

History majors are also required to take The Historian's Craft. This course fulfills the University's writing-intensive requirement.

  • HIST 32050 The Historian's Craft.

Upper-Division (18)

The additional 18 hours required for the major must be taken in upper-division courses. They must include at least:

  • 6 hours of United States history
  • 6 hours of European history since 1500
  • 6 hours of African, Asian, Latin America, ancient, or medieval history

Roadmap & Requirements