Graduate Funding

The Department of History offers a limited number of fellowships to students in our PhD and MA programs. The fellowships currently pay $15,000 per year for MA students and $16,000 for PhD students. In addition, students on fellowship will have free tuition in the Fall and Spring semesters for the length of their funding. These are teaching fellowships, and students who have received them will usually serve as teaching assistants for one class per semester. 

Fellowship recipients should know that the first check does not arrive for about a month after the beginning of the semester.


Students on fellowship are reviewed annually for renewal. Assuming appropriate performance, MA student fellowships will be renewed for a second year, and PhD student fellowships will be renewed for three more years, for a total of four years. PhD students will be able to compete for University Fellowships during their fifth year. The fellowships will be canceled, however, in cases of unsatisfactory academic performance.

Travel Funding

Additionally, all students are eligible to apply for travel funding from the GSS, which automatically funds $600 in travel expenses per graduate student each cycle so long as they apply by the deadline. Our department typically supplements, in the form of reimbursements for additional expenses, any travel funding a graduate student receives, whether from the GSS or from external funding sources.

Do I need to apply for funding?

You do not need to apply for funding. All students who have applied to our graduate programs, or who are currently in our graduate program unfunded and plan to continue the following year, will be fully considered for funding without any special application or expression of interest in funding.