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Matthew Crawford

Matthew Crawford
  • HIST 11051: History of Civilization II
  • HIST 38095: Science and Exploration from Columbus to the Space Age
  • HIST 38095: Revolutions in Science: An Introduction to the History of Science
  • HIST 49195: History of Drugs in the Modern World

I received my Ph.D. in History and Science Studies at the University of California, San Diego in June 2009. My dissertation, entitled "Empire's Experts: The Politics of Knowledge in Spain's Royal Monopoly of Quina (1751-1808)," explored the relationship between science and empire in the late eighteenth-century Spanish Atlantic World through an examination of Spain's efforts to monopolize quina, a medicinal tree bark from South America that later gave rise to the anti-malarial drug quinine.  I received my BA in Biology and History from Tufts University and my MA in History also from the University of California, San Diego. My main research interests include the histories of science and technology, imperialism, and the interconnections between Europe, the Americas, and Africa in the Atlantic World.  I have presented papers at the History of Science Society's annual meetings and participated in the International Seminar in the History of the Atlantic World at Harvard University.  At Kent State, I teach survey courses on world history since 1500 and specialized courses on many aspects of the history of science and technology in the early modern and modern periods.  As KSU's first historian of science and technology, I am committed to building a curriculum and community for people with interests in the historical, social, and philosophical aspects of science and technology. When not doing history, I enjoy playing guitar, riding my bike and spending time with my family.

  • Barbara S. Mosbacher Fellowship, John Carter Brown Library (2012)
  • Herdegen Fellowship, Chemical Heritage Foundation (2011)
  • Summer Research Fellowship, Kent State University (2010)
  • J. William Fulbright Fellowship, Madrid, Spain (2005-2006)
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Assistant Professor

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Department of History