Undergraduate Advising

Freshman & Transfer Advising

Destination Kent State

Advising in the Destination Kent State: Advising and Registration (DKSAR) program; similar programs, supplemented with testing and individual advising, exist at each Regional Campus.

University Orientation

Freshmen and transfer students with less than 25 credit hours are advised by the instructor of their University Orientation course on the Kent Campus. In the Regional Campus system, first-semester freshmen are typically advised by professional staff, program directors, or faculty members.

Ongoing Department & College Advising

After their freshmen year, Kent Campus students are advised in the department or college of their major. Once Regional Campus students transfer to the Kent Campus or reach junior status, advising for baccalaureate programs becomes the responsibility of the department and college.

History majors and minors are advised by faculty in the Department of History. Students should email the undergraduate coordinator, Dr. Kenneth Bindas, to make an appointment for advising. Advising is also available through the College of Arts & Sciences.

Students should be proactive in meeting with their academic advisor when making decisions regarding choice of courses, choice of major, course withdrawal, junior progression, and graduation clearance. Students are also welcome to inquire about Study Abroad programs, internshipsHonors work, and other options that would enhance their education.